Still alive.

Since I am not really active on Discord or anything I thought it would be easier to update people on my situation here.

My battle with APL (Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia) is going very well. Blood levels have stabilized and I have been out of the hospital for about a month or so now after 40 days of intense treatment and constant monitoring.

The freedom has been nice. Currently I go in for chemotherapy sessions 5 days a week for four weeks and then four weeks off. It's basically a full time job. Fortunately where I live the government covers the costs and I am also compensated for lost work time so financially I am okay.

Once life slows down again (around autumn/winter) I will probably be back to playing Fyrren regularly once more. I am more or less fine to do anything now that my blood levels are stable but just have no time to be around much during the summer.

Hit me up if you want to chat some time though and catch up. I am slow to respond but miss you all!
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    <3 Buddy.

    You have been an inspiration and great friend while fighting my own battles, seeing how strong and positive you are helped me through a lot of my fears.
    Kick Cancer's ass and continue being amazing, I really ...sincerely appreciate you and always being willing to share your experiences. You have truly beat a scary phase in your life and look to recovery and that is inspiring and wonderful. I love having you around, and honestly...can't wait to see you at 100 percent again.

    Note to the Teradrim, based on statistics becoming Imperator gives you cancer.

    But now that language filters are removed... you can also say FUCK CANCER.
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