Art Giveaway!

I'm working with Zin (Eleanor) to do a chibi giveaway on Sunday! This will go to 4 random people that join in. If you have interest in entering, DM me or ping me on Discord to let me know. All entries must be in by howling on Friday (so 8PM ET on Friday) so I can get details needed (desc/etc) over to Zin before her Sunday stream.

Here's her stream channel if you're not familiar with her:

And if you've not seen her art before (though you probably have and don't realize), here're some examples:

The chibi style is the type you'd be getting from this giveaway.


  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    A reminder that you have 7 more hours to get in if you want a chance!
  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    Thanks to all that have entered! I've reached out to the four who won - so for any who didn't get contacted? Don't fret! I'll do another one of these in the future.
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