Nipsy Cardinalis

NipsyNipsy Setting fire to Aeryx's mine
I might regret doing this, but...

I suppose it is curiosity that killed the cat, is it not. Good thing its a tree.

Hit me.


  • NipsyNipsy Setting fire to Aeryx's mine


    While Nipsy is an unhinged crazy person when he sets his mind to doing something diabolical and troublesome, I cant help but love him. He's insane and definitely never predictable, even his allies don't know what to expect from him. He is the perfect Nemesis, the battle of the short people rages strong. You're great and I enjoy all of our interactions!
  • AloliAloli Between Books
    I enjoyed the very brief back and forth shouting match.
    Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost. - Khalil Gibran
  • fully unhinged. loyal, resourceful, fierce friend to have.

    despite never knowing what it'll do next, it has proven to be a dependable gnome-tree and reliable source of entertainment :D

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