Announce post #3387: The Alchemist Class!

7/11/2022 at 1:01
Ictinus, the Architect
The Alchemist Class!

With their advancements in science culminating with the arrival of several new alumni*, and the construction of a new research facility, the Alchemist class is now available as part of the Archivists Guild!

Wielding Alchemy, Experimentation, and Botany, Alchemists manipulate the natural world with ease, waging chemically-accelerated warfare, twisting nature to their will, and invoking a myriad of scientific phenomena in order to achieve their ends.

Alchemist is a mirror of the Shaman class, and the skills translate in the following ways:

Alchemy - Primality
Experimentation - Shamanism
Botany - Naturalism

At present, Litrix at v13029 in Spinesreach is the only denizen able to teach the skills. Learning from players is unrestricted.

HELP ALCHEMIST RP is available for your perusal, as are HELP files for each of the three skills, and learning messages which may be of interest!

As with other mirrors, while there are some shared abilities, most are entirely distinct.** Alchemists wield transmutation conduits in place of quarterstaves in order to do their work, and these can be customised per the limitations under HELP ALCHEMIST RP.

* Disciplines, the mirrored version of Shamanism Oaths, can be taken with each of the new faculty residing in the Spirean Institute. You will need to STUDY UNDER <denizen> to gain knowledge of their respective disciplines, which will also allow you to request your live Experiments (Familiars)!

** The DIVINATION ability has deliberately not been mirrored as a Shaman-unique thematic only ability.

Any guilded Archivist is able to CLASS SELECT ALCHEMIST if they meet the requirements for multiclass, and Alchemist will soon be available in new character creation. For the next two weeks, guilded Archivists will have no limit on total apprentices per season.

Artifacts for Alchemist will be available in the next few minutes for your enjoyment:

hunt_alchemist1-3; a crystal alembic (for hunting)
enhanced_experiments; a researcher's training whistle (mirror of enhanced_familiars)
enhanced_blightbringer; a potted carnivorous plant (mirror of enhanced_greenfoot)
expedition_expand; a scientist's field notebook (mirror of songline_expand)

As always, while we've done a lot of testing behind the scenes, please report any bugs or typos right away through BUG or TYPO respectively.

I'd also like to give credit to Brax, who originally came up with many of the Alchemist concepts and has been a brilliant source of ideas and inspiration for its development!


Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 21st of Lanosian, in the year 503 MA.
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