I heard it was real diva hours in here B)


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    Ahhh, Maeve's favorite Childer, the prodigal princess of taxidermy.

    Paxe entered the Bloodloch scene subtly and with such grace. She has become an absolute staple in my roleplay diet. I can scarcely recall what life was like before her existence. This elegant creature is all vespertine beauty and morbid delight, and her player has skillfully woven a character with depths that I have only just begun to fathom. Each interaction with her reveals a little more, unspools a twisted bit of intrigue that leaves you hungry for the next.

    Not only are you a magnificent storyteller, but your creativity and ability to wordsmith is truly a joy to be part of, whether it be through roleplay with you or getting my hands on those amazing designs of yours. I'm very excited to see what's in store for Paxe, as her story is only just beginning and yet I feel like she has come so very far. Thank you for allowing Maeve (and me) to be a part of it! :wink:

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