I'm being threatened to make one of these, so come drop your complaints about the resident silly haha bard man and how aggravating he is here.


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    Once upon a time this dude named Teramasce waltzed into Bloodloch, all feathery and masky, and incredibly VEXING....


    In all seriousness, I'm continually in awe at not only your creative skill as a writer, but your ability to masterfully weave a story that touches so many characters and enriches their roleplay as well as your own. When your character enters a room, one cannot help but NOTICE him, whether he is subtly sprinkling his particular flavor around the room or imbuing the scene with theatrical flair. I have said, and will again, that he is very much -the- embodiment of a bard in my mind. Layers upon layers upon layers. So many it would make an onion cry.

    While my character may scream (aloud, or internally) anytime Tera is near, behind the scenes I am most assuredly gobbling up whatever he's offering on this epicurean platter of roleplay delight and most likely cackling. If I could, I would probably just stalk him and watch all the shenanigans he gets up to (I mean what?!? He's innocent).

    Thank you for the absolute chaos and undeniable fun you bring the game. I can't wait to see what develops for this multifaceted creature!

  • Teramasce is my favourite horrible little man. Literally the worst. Absolute gremlin. (Go out of your way to interact with him, he's wonderful <3 )

    On a more serious note, both you and your character are among my all-time favs to roleplay with. The way you write Tera is beautiful and nuanced beyond belief. A guaranteed delight to interact with every time. Scenes with Tera are beyond mercurial, yet always convey the feeling that he's two steps away from revealing his secret identity as a fey prince and then showing you a contract you signed in blood ten years ago.

    He's perfect.

    11/10 would owe a favour again.
  • TetchtaTetchta The Innocent
    He's never done anything wrong.

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