Announce post #3385: The Tidesage Class!

7/9/2022 at 23:53
Ictinus, the Architect
The Tidesage Class!

Following the arrival of the Vindicator into Enorian's harbour and the maddened ravings of its lone remaining survivor, the Tidesage class is now available within the Ascendril Guild!

With the skills of Wavebreaking, Inundation, and Synthesis, this class draws upon the primal power of the ocean to enhance martial prowess while also working to demystify its myriad secrets. In battle, Tidesages wield a selkachoar* and command a synthesised elemental, all while bringing regions under the control of the mysterious fog...

Tidesage is a mirror of the Teradrim class, and the skills translate in the following ways:

Wavebreaking - Terramancy
Inundation - Desiccation
Synthesis - Animation

For now, Ramneze, the Tidesage at v73320 is the only denizen able to teach the skills. Learning from players is unrestricted.

HELP TIDESAGE RP is available for your perusal, as are HELP files for each of the three skills, and learning messages which may be of interest!

While some abilities are directly shared between the native class and its mirror, most are entirely distinct. The theme of Inundation in particular is a big departure from Desiccation and a personal favourite of mine!

One main point to note here is that Tidesages do not have an analogous 'form' like Earthenform. The permafrost ability in Wavebreaking conveys all the mechanical benefits of Earthenform, but without the actual transformation and corresponding ability to describe yourself in that state.

To offset this, and to account for the fact selkachoars are a unique weapon type that cannot be forged*, Tidesages are instead able to customise their selkachoars through the customisation system innately, to a limited extent. The first customisation will be free, similarly to angels and such. Rules on how these can be customised are outlined at the bottom of HELP TIDESAGE RP, but it should be noted that a transformation rune will be needed if you want to make it particularly elaborate.

Elementals may also be customised (once they reach level 100), and the rules for that can also be found under HELP TIDESAGE RP!

* As per AB WAVEBREAKING BOUNTY, you may adorn basic forged clubs with shark teeth to create a selkachoar. To bring the costs in line with Teradrim, clubs now require 5 wood and 2 steel to create, up from just 1 wood.

Any guilded Ascendril is able to CLASS SELECT TIDESAGE if they meet the requirements for multiclass, and Tidesage will soon be available in new character creation. For the next two weeks, guilded Ascendril will have no limit on total apprentices per season.

Artifacts for Tidesage will be available in the next few minutes for your enjoyment:

- a necklace of shark teeth (hunt_tidesage1-3); for hunting
- a core of elemental authority (enhanced_elemental); mirror of enhanced_golem
- a compass of Keltund (enhanced_fog); mirror of enhanced_sand
- a cephalopod shell (enhanced_apparition); mirror of enhanced_sandstorm

As always, while we've done a lot of testing behind the scenes, please report any bugs or typos right away through BUG or TYPO respectively.

The release of mirror Shaman is underway and should be concluded soon...


Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 15th of Lanosian, in the year 503 MA.


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    This is beautiful! Thank you for all the hard work that went into it.
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