Announce post #3384: War Updates

7/8/2022 at 1:54
Keroc, the Starborn
War Updates

Hi folks,

There are now two new commands associated with the Ministry of War, the details of which can also be found in HELP WAR:

- Orders a division to begin capturing a location. It will take
approximately ninety minutes to entrench and claim the spot.
- Division size will affect the speed of the capture. Each unit
in the division will decrease the capture time by thirty seconds.
For a one-hundred strong division, this is a reduction of fifty
- Only a location that is either inside your city or adjacent to a
supply line may be captured. A supply line is defined as a series
of locations you have captured that connect a direct path to your
city's war room.
- Capturing land from another city does not instigate a war. As such,
land can be stolen if you are not vigilant, so keep an eye on your

- Liberate a location from your city's influence. Only the Minister
of War or the city leader may do this. Doing so will cost you a small
amount of career points in the militia.

The display for WARSTATUS has also been updated to include land.

We don't really have any intention of making capturing land work similar to the old system where you need to capture to the city gates of your enemy. The biggest reason to make use of this is for the defensive bonus to troops (see HELP WAR under attacking) and to exert a form of ownership for roleplay. As such, do note that capturing land outside of your city wall has a 200 gold upkeep per room each howling (doubled during war), so make sure it matters to your city or to your strategy.

I have reset the fifteen room radius around cities so that you can start fresh and decide what land is worth the gold.

More to come, but that's it for now!

Good luck!

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 3rd of Lanosian, in the year 503 MA.
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