Announce post #3382: Artifact shields & new goodies

7/7/2022 at 2:56
Keroc, the Starborn
Artifact shields & new goodies

Hi folks,

We have a slew of artifact changes to artifact shields. All their powers have now been converted into crests, which work much like weapon runes. This means you can select which shield type you prefer without having to buy a whole new shield.

Additionally, the 'rune_remove' power (or the magnet) has been upgraded so that it can now pull off weapon runes, armour signets, and shield crests. This will, as an idea, allow you to change out their shield resistance as desired if you'd like to grab this item.

This does mean however that permanent shields are now gone. If you had a shield, then you will be granted crests with the appropriate powers on them. If you had a custom shield, then you will get a crest of reshaping with your customisation on it.

Lastly, there is also two new artifacts that you can get, as listed below. Enjoy!

New artifacts:

Crest of the Shieldbearer (shieldbearer) 300cr
- Attach it to a shield to gain 6 points in all stats.

Crest of Eupnea (crest_asphyxiation) 350cr
Crest of Algidity (crest_cold) 350cr
Crest of Galvanism (crest_electricity) 350cr
Crest of Conflagration (crest_fire) 350cr
Crest of Antivenin (crest_poison) 350cr
Crest of the Transmundane (crest_psychic) 350cr
- Attach it to a shield for 15% resistance to the associated elemental resistance.
- Only one resistance crest will work per shield. But as noted above, you can now swap them around with the magnet.

Crest of Reshaping (reshaping) 125cr
- Allows you to customise your shield. Adds additional fields to customise that weren't there before.
- HELP CUSTOMISATION for more details.

Power: reality_bind 400cr
- Must be worn.
- Items conjured with the Weaving skillset last twice as long, excluding Ironcollar and Facsimile.
- This is itemless so you can, if you desire, place it on jewelry with onyx on it.

An adventurer's pamphlet (guide) 150cr
- Shows you on SURVEY your quest completion percent for the area.

Updated artifacts:

A venantium magnet (rune_remove) 600cr
- Can now also remove signets and crests in addition to weapon runes.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 22nd of Lleian, in the year 503 MA.
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