Announce post #3376: The Battle for Sterion

6/30/2022 at 0:00
Ictinus, the Architect
The Battle for Sterion

Hi folks!

Approximately 24 hours from now at the next Howling, we will be pushing live a mechanic that we've prepared to resolve the ongoing conflict over Sterion between Duiran and Spinesreach.

Duiran will attempt to lay siege to the gate of Sterion from a newly built camp in the mountains, while Spinesreach will attempt to lay siege to the gate protecting said camp.

The mechanics will require troops and work as follows:

Syntax: ORDER <division> SIEGE <target>

* This command is restricted to Spinesreach and Duiran only for this war.

* Once you initiate the siege, you can't order them to stop.
* However, divisions will auto-flee to their previous room if they fall below 20 units.
* Any fortified troops in the location will block you from initiating a siege, unless they are your own.
* If enemy troops attack your troops that are sieging, your troops will stop fighting and attack the enemy troops instead.
* The division will slowly whittle down the gate's health until they are forced to flee due to lack of numbers.
* The gates have a lot of health, so it will take several divisions to completely destroy them.
* The division will take damage each time they attack the gate, however they won't take damage just for being in the room.
* Fortified units cannot siege.

* Once one side's gate has been destroyed, they will lose the logistic support needed to be able to siege and thus will lose the war.

There will be a few global emotes in the run up to this to give you fair warning.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 5th of Midsummer, in the year 503 MA.
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