Announce post #3373: Classleads June 2022 - part 1

6/19/2022 at 8:34
Keroc, the Starborn
Classleads June 2022 - part 1

- [3141] Slit balance recovery time decreased to 2 seconds, down from 2.5

- [3121] Flexibility now affects plodding and frozen balance penalties.

- [3131] Crux damage is now increased for each sealed shape from Sealing.

- [3126] Moving away from a hostile opponent now freezes movement very briefly.
* This only applies if your opponent has not recently fled combat themselves (from you or another).

- [3128] Weapon strikes caused by Rhythm will now ignore rebounding.
- [3152] Hiltblow now causes clumsiness instead of vomiting.

- [3122] Spiritmasks can be referred to, as an example, 'firemask' to interact with the mask that resists fire.
* The same is also true for the other types of mask.

- [3133] Addiction will now empty all pipes of the same type in your inventory.
- [3148] Induced emotions will now cause the dependant affliction to manifest every 11 seconds.
- [3153] Destiny now affects Horologe, Thurible, Bladestorm, and Anelace.

Penned by my hand on Closday, the 16th of Arios, in the year 503 MA.
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