Diablo 3

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In the spirit of old threads we had about people looking for other people to play other video games with, I've decided to play a good bit of Diablo 3 again this past week. Playing Diablo Immortal through its story just made me want to play Diablo 3 again strangely enough, and I made a Seasonal Demon Hunter if anyone would like to play some time. I can power level you, if you want. Me and @Sryaen played a good bit today and I power leveled 2 characters to 70 for him in about 2 hours or so. Personally I'm just trying to see how high I can push greater rifts, and I also want to finish all the seasonal challenges before end of season(End of July).

I'm Goat#1970 on Battle.net. Will be out of the house to do D&D the rest of tonight but will be on quite a bit the next two days(Yay 4 day weekend for state employees).

I've also never really done 4 man greater rift content in Diablo 3, despite owning the game for the entire 10 years its been out. Would be fun to get to see that.
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