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    Tetchta said:

    Please post screenshots/logs of bashing numbers so it becomes clear what we're comparing.

    Sure, it'll take me a couple of days, because my white and red decayed and Enorian and Duiran only have white amongst us, but I should be able to flip the quota soon and then I'll do a run of Tcanna as Templar and then Oneiromancer.
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    I think Revplar 1-handed is better than 2-handed as well. That said, I will probably only bash 2-handed, because I want to bash with a big sword. If I wanted to optimize, 1-handed is probably better. For bashing, bal recovery > damage in most, if not all, scenarios, as long as dps remains the same or at negligible difference (less than ~50 dps). The main reason is because you end up hitting more often over the same period of time, and if you normalize crits into a % bonus over time, that means you get more value out of crits. Not to mention being able to move 0.5s earlier can mean the difference between life and death.

    On the other topic of number of hits, in my opinion, one-hit classes have an edge at end-game bashing over multi-hit classes that I haven't personally seen mentioned elsewhere before, assuming you are fully loaded out on your artifacts and buffs. The main reason is because of crushing crits (8x) vs mutilating crits (16x). The max health of most mobs hover around 12k, give or take a couple thousand. This means that for multi-hit classes, where each hit is around 1k-1.5k depending on class and arties, a crushing (8x) is not a one-hit-KO.

    You get roughly 2x to 3x more crushing crits than mutilating crits, depending on your crit rate and luck. While that doesn't exactly mean 2x or 3x more OHKOs, I believe one-hit classes WILL one-hit-KO more often than multi-hit classes, and overkill helps to make that more consistent as well. One-hit classes basically get (minimally) an extra dodge every time they do one more OHKO than a multi-hit class. If absolutely nothing else, it'll save you the gold of one health sip - at endgame areas, it might well save you a death. Of course, they do waste a ton more extra damage when they get an annihilating crit, so for those who get itchy at damage wastage, it's probably mentally more healthy to go with multi-hit classes for bashing.
  • Doesn't everyone waste damage on an annihilating if they're artifacted at all?
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