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I run a semi private system known as Rime with a few other friends. It was originally created in response to Sunder but due to me being me and having super human levels of procrastination, it's remained in closed beta for several years. Despite its original intent, it's no longer meant to compete with Sunder, it's simply become mine and several others system that we all use full time. Over the last couple of years I've managed to recruit some wonderful people who have helped with its continued development. It's finally user friendly enough that I thought I would release it openly like I had wanted to do originally.

DISCLAIMER: Duelists and group fighters have found varying levels of success on any number of systems across Aetolia and every other IRE. Using any one system instead of another is not going to magically elevate you to god tier status. You will be especially disappointed if you download Rime with intent of finding instant PvP prowess. It does have dueling capabilities, but they are all very standard and cookie cutter. All duelists who use Rime have their own personal offenses, hence forth referred to as 'sauce', and they are not included or available anywhere.

Below is a list of features that Rime has.

Rime currently supports the following classes: Archivist, Bard, Carnifex, Earthcaller (and Luminary, sans triggers), Indorani, Praenomen, Revenant, Sciomancer, Teradrim. Light support for Syssin and Shifter as not a lot of devs have either of those classes. The mirrored versions of these classes will be supported soon thanks to the method discovered when writing Earthcaller, though it will likely be missing Spirit side triggers. Mirrored support will be seamless and means that you only have to maintain one script for two classes (triggers will still be double the work).

Group and standard cookie cutter offensive routes for each of those classes!

Multi target tracking! If Mjoll and Iazamat are fighting Taj, me and Almol are fighting Xenia - If Taj hits the kill condition for my class while I'm targeting Xenia, Rime is able to fluidly and seamlessly kill Taj without ever even switching targets.

Aggression tracking to go along with multiple targets. Aggression tracking is just the number of times a person has been hit by abilities. This enables Rime users to be able to use ally support skills without relying on web calls (and subsequently needing anti-illusioning), or even being in a web.

State based offenses rather than standard for loop affliction priority lists. Most duelists offenses already rely on more than that, but the structure of a state based offense allows you to make any change imaginable to your offensive strategies while keeping your end game in your current route clear of clutter and hardcoded actions. The beauty of code is that every offense structure already used at large can still do the same thing as Rimes offenses are capable of doing, but I (and most of Rimes users) are very fond of the flexibility and organization of this type of offense structure.

An auto basher older than Toz! Rimes auto basher might be old, but it's still very solid and functional. The reason for it being so old is because I have not ran into many reasons to change it. A few defensive features were added by some of the devs who took bashing a little too seriously, but those are fully included now where applicable. The basher is powerful but the code is very rigid, but a PvE update is my next project for Rime.

An auto fisher! Like the basher, the code is very rigid, but its rewrite is coming alongside the rest of the PvE updates I have planned.

An auto harvester! I only learned it had one of these today! Neat?!

A forging script to remove some of the tedium!

A system with an encouraging personality! Rime is chock full of echo's to let you know when you've made mistakes in combat.

A fanciful and customizable UI via ZGUI (created by Zulah in Achaea.)

An emoji system that works with web/clans (even public IC channels if you're opened to being zapped for it), supporting over 1000 emojis in total (special thanks to Ephi and Holbrook for the idea and the gathering of emojis)

Commodity price tracker. Track your average spending on commodities to help you adjust prices!

There's a lot more, but those are the ones I can think off of the top of my head. There's also no telling how many unfinished projects I have lying around in the code, such as my own version of mxp clickables.

Another disclaimer is lack of Firstaid support. Rime uses client side curing for most everything. However, you can toggle between client side curing and Firstaid with one simple alias. Rimes curing will pause though the rest of the system will remain operational. Firstaid manipulation is on the list of things to get done, but it will require a lot of tedious work.

If you're interested in giving it a shot, you can join the Rime discord via this link: https://discord.gg/8msFd6werZ

Joining is mandatory to gain access to the download and for continued support. It's also my one and only attempt to enforce the black list. The list of people I don't want to have access to my system is small, but ultimately it comes down to you honoring my request to not give it out.

Joining the server will also grant you access to the (too) popular bounty system. Sometimes I have a lot to code, or a lot is going on in life, or I'm just too lazy to do something. So I'll post a small coding bounty along with a fair amount of credits as payment. One user in particular is apparently damned and determined to take every spare credit I have or will ever have.

Please leave any and all drama at the door before you click that invitation.
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  • LinLin Blackbird The Moonglade
    Probably the best-written public system I've seen so far. Rime's definitely worth a look.
  • Excellent service to the community. More options - and more places to look for examples, help, etc - can only do good for Aetolia.
  • Discord invite link is invalid.
  • EliadonEliadon Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Rime is no longer publicly distributed
  • That explains it. Thanks for the response.
  • I've re-opened Rime publicly. Posting here on the off chance that someone ever uses the forums again.

    Copperhead of the Third Spoke says to you, "Intelligence matrix in moniker Bulrok reveals above average results when compared alongside proximal presence."
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