Luminary Combat: Common Tactics

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There are several tactics that are commonly used within the
Luminary combat path, and this scroll will detail a few of them.

Every attack generally consist of at least two components,
Angel Battle and the attack. Some consist of three, with a
Chasten following the attack.



In this example, you would hit me with Impatience, which until
cured will increase my mana usage when I focus. Some people
cure linearly, which means they cure in the order the
afflictions are given to them, which would leave them paralyzed
and thus unable to attack you. However, should they cure
according to a priority, they will use an herb to cure the
paralysis, then Focus (at a higher cost) to cure the stupidity.

All of this moves you towards setting up an absolve.

IMPORTANT: Every fight you begin, you should SHADOW your foe
           first, make sure you have SHINE going, and drop a
           demons rite to reach your full output potential.

The Paraylsis Route
This attack pattern revolves around keeping paralysis stuck on
your foe, slowing them down and forcing them to eat an herb to
cure the paralysis, thus forcing them to use tree tattoo
(which you can disable via SEAR in Illumination), Focus, and
Renew to heal the other two afflictions. Focus and Renew both
have mana costs associated with them.

The Kelp Stack Route
We have several ways to deliver afflictions that are cured by
the kelp herb, including Asthma, Clumsiness, Weariness, and
Sensitivity. If you can manage to stick Asthma, hellsight
becomes a very powerful affliction. If you get hellsight stuck,
try for the transfix, then set them ablaze and flare them. This
will leave your foe unable to OUTC herbs, with empty pipes,
and suffering from hellsight.

The Sap Route.
As simple as it sounds. Battle and Sap repeatedly. It rarely
works, but is something to keep in your back pocket in the
event that your opponent lets their levels slip near 60%,
you can switch to this to try and push them over the edge
to the sub 50% requirement for absolve.

The Damage Route.
Again, as simple as it sounds. Smite or Lightning them with
Shadow/Shine/Demons going and hope they can't keep up.

The Max Overwhelm Route.
Generally I advocate against overwhelming everytime you can,
as overwhelm by itself is not strong enough to kill unless
you can deliver multiple in a row, however, overwhelm can
be performed on any sort of prone - including paralysis.

This is generally used when fighting with another Luminary -
one of you SHIELD STRIKE, the other OVERWHELM.

It is generally recommended that you develop a way to track
enemy afflictions, so that you do not hit them with afflictions
that they already have and you can layer on as many as you have.



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    o.o ...Uhh. Maybe I'm just a noob but I was under the impression impatience disabled the use of focus, not increase the mana cost of skills.
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    Yeah, indifference doubles the focus mana cost, not impatience.

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    Whoops. Impatience stops it, but it still charges on the failed attempt.



    Message #17059 Sent By: Oleis           Received On: 1/03/2014/17:24
    "If it makes you feel better, just checking your artifact list threatens to crash my mudlet."

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