Luminary Combat: Absolve

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Spirituality's Absolve is perhaps the most common way that a
Luminary slays his foe. Using CONTEMPLATE in vision, a skill that
is usable without loss of balance or equilibrium provided you
have both, you can check your foes mana levels.

It is important to note that the Bloodborn have an ability that
will randomize their mana as it appears to you, and for the most
part, contemplate and absolve are useless abilities against them.

Once an opponent is under 49.99% of their max mana, you can command
your angel to ABSOLVE them and she will attempt to rip out their
soul. Should they have an ability such as soulcage up, she will
destroy that first.

Note, when fighting a Cabalist, it is possible to do damage to
them and drain their mana, as their LINK ability will share
damage to the mana pool.

To setup an absolve, you can use SAP to drain abilities, but a
more reliable way is to focus on mental afflictions that forces
your foe to use FOCUS to cure them, thus making them drain their
own mana while having to use their elixirs to heal their health
instead of mana. Demons Rite will assist in draining mana, and
when you overwhelm a foe, they will end up bleeding a fair
amount, which they must clot away, further reducing their
mana levels.

Angel Absolve is stopped by shield, or you being prone.



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