Luminary Combat: Angels

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Your Angel is your companion in your quest against the enemy, a
powerful being from the Spirit plane who fights alongside you.

Your Angel is not your servant, but an equal counterpart in your
quest and should be treated as such.

Your Angel requires power to perform her holy tasks, and it is
something that you need to keep an eye on at all times. To check
her power reserves, simply ANGEL TOUCH. This will give you an
indication of her current power level, as well as any active
abilities she may have.

If you notice her power levels getting low, you can give her
some of your health using ANGEL FORTIFY or some of your
mana using ANGEL POWER. Note that both of these abilities can be
used while off balance, so if you are hunting, you can SMITE
your foe then immediately ANGEL FORTIFY\POWER.

It is important during combat to constantly check your angel's
power level, to ensure that you can operate at full efficiency.

Your Angel can also spy on others for you, letting you know what
it is that others tell them through ANGEL MINDREAD. Furthermore,
she can WATCH and TRACE the movements of your enemies, or even
take you to Nirvana through REFUGE, a safe haven for you to

She will afflict your enemies through BATTLE and SPIRITWRACK,
or STRIP their defenses for you.

Should a foe be below 49.99% of their max mana, she will ABSOLVE
them of their previous sins, ripping out their soul. She will
heal your health through EMPATHY and your afflictions through
CARE. Should your own health be low, she will let you DRAIN some
of her power to fill your health, an ability you can use even
while off balance yourself, though this is a most taxing task.

Should you be even more desperate, she will SACRIFICE herself
for you, healing you completely.



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