The Making of an Astral Noble

RihrinRihrin Duiran
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I wanted to go ahead and share my Astral Noble event! I absolutely loved it, and really cannot praise the Pools enough for their efforts. I cleaned up the log a little bit, but ended up deciding not to do it too much so that you can see the whole thing.

For background prior to this:
Rihrin, as a character, started out in Enorian. She's of Duiran now, but Enorian is a big pain point for Rihrin in general. When living there, she felt like it kept her held back in a number of ways. She was chastised, looked down upon, and belittled often in her earlier days - and it never fully changed even as she became respected by some others. This helped start her outlook that she shouldn't worry about what others think and focus on what -she- thinks more. And, that Enorian is not worth the effort she had given it (having been a Herald at one point).

As far as Omei - she tried to follow Omei back when she was starting in Enorian. She earned the title of 'Tamer of Perytons' through some RP, but felt like she wasn't good enough or wasn't free enough to remain. It's been a theme for her (the 'not good enough) when it comes to Omei/life in general, which Rihrin has attempted to follow a few times now - this being her third time in the congregation. It's been a gradual growth/freeing process, which Rihrin still hasn't quite finished. But, she's been trying and embracing what Chaos/Astral is as best as she can.

During some work in the congregation, she met Inasea (the leader over blue in Astral) and they struck up a friendship - writing letters and whatnot to get to know one another. They have had a few small scenes together, one primarily of shaping a statue of Yanai in Astral. In these talks, it was teased that Rihrin was ready to become - and that there was potential for her to become the 'Lady of Sapphire', but Rihrin was unsure if she'd ever manage to prove herself worthy of it. She just assumed, at some point, she'd make a sacrifice to 'become' and be an Astral Noble of some lower status. She took pride in being Inasea's 'Lady in Waiting', and became fiercely loyal to her new friend.

So, the scene starts off with Rihrin just relaxing in the Seer's Wood and Inasea coming to find Rihrin there. Normally, the Astral Nobles don't come to Prime - they send mirrormasks - so Rihrin new it was important if she came in person.



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