Luminary Combat: Shields

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The type of shield a Luminary wields depends on the type of warrior
the Luminary wishes to be. Those who favor damage over speed should
choose a heavier shield, such as the tower shield. If speed is what
you seek, you'll want a lighter shield such as a buckler. The type
of shield only affects the speed of your attacks - each shield type
generally has the same amount of damage mitigation.

Also, the amount of limb damage you do with Shield Crush in
Spirituality is dependent upon the type of shield you wield.

The shields available, in order from fastest to slowest:
  Buckler Shield, Cavalry Shield, Banded Shield,
  Kite Shield, & Tower Shield

Shields are available for sale in many of the shops around the
realm, however, customized shields are available from forgers. If
If you wish for a customized shield, ask on the city channel for
a forger to assist you.

The Ankyreans have also forged a stronger type of shield, which is
available in Delos from Qeddwyn and costs credits. These shields
offer greater damage mitigation than forged shields, and can also
be imbued with a single elemental resistance as well.



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