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Hey peoples!

I've been talking with several others (primarily so far @Rasani , @Nipsy , @Teani ) about starting another podcast/stream. This would not be replacing the Weekly Milestones in any sense, but be an alternative while it's not around. And, once it is around, we can shift around as we need to so we don't cross over schedule-wise.

The schedule plan is, right now, to have our first broadcast April 19 around 8PM or so ET. Our schedule will be every Tuesday at 8PM ET, and then Sundays around 1PM ET. We will, of course, change this up as we need to in order to accommodate different people that are interested. I will be running it on this channel:

I will post them to Youtube and likely stream on there concurrently, though I need to still update that channel's details - so I'm not going to advertise that one for now until it's ready.

The plan is to not really set specific topics or anything, though the goings on of the week will likely be naturally discussed according to whoever joins. Depending on the crowd that joins will depend on how the topic flows:
-If it's the usual suspects, it'll be general chatter about the game and our experiences in recent goings on. Wishes for the game, that sort of thing.
-If we have a special guest, or several special guests, we'll focus more on an interview style discussion. This will allow them to voice their opinions, with some input from the rest of the people who have joined.

Overall, just a laid back feel is the hope! And hey, if no one is able to join but myself, I'll just blather about whatever I can think of to blather on. It'll be fun!

If you're interested in coming on, please just give me a DM here or on Discord. I have a Discord channel going, but am holding off on opening it up publicly until we get it set up a little more interestingly. Otherwise, it's just a place for us to be able to all hop in for voice chat for the stream.

I'm really excited for this, as I know the others are! Looking forward to seeing what we can make of this.

-Rihrin (Edna)


  • TetchtaTetchta The Innocent
    It's not the Gay Accords....:(

  • Tetchta said:

    It's not the Gay Accords....:(

    There have been jokes that this will be a thing for Nipsy and Rasani alike - soooooo..might just be an unofficial name if they're on for it. Or an alt name?
  • LinLin Blackbird The Moonglade
    Rasani's on there trust me it'll be the Gay Accords
  • NipsyNipsy Setting fire to Aeryx's mine

  • TetchtaTetchta The Innocent
    rename it, cowards

  • There's still likely work to be done here with bots and whatnot, but anyone who wants to come join - can:

    If you plan to have interest in hopping into the stream, just let me know.
  • Hey everyone!

    Quick reminder that our first show is NEXT TUESDAY! That's the 19th at 8:00 PM ET (roughly). If you're interested in being on, come join the Discord! Even if you're not, come hang out with us.
  • AeryxAeryx Docking Nipsy's pay
    I realize it's been a couple weeks since this thread was created, and that we're a couple of days away from the premiere. Though Rihrin didn't see it directly, I did encourage people in the Weekly Milestone discord to go forth and do their own thing like this if they wished. So I am eager to see how this goes, and I will be there too watching. I can't wait to see someone else get trolled by Rihrin and Rasani other than me for once. :P
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  • I'm going to be on, so if you've ever desired to comment on my extreme ogre magnetism. Now is your chance.
  • Tomorrow should be Nipsy, Rasani, and I. If there are things you'd like to see any of us talk about, please reach out and let me know.

    Looking forward to seeing how this will go!
  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    edited April 2022
    We're going live in 10!
  • Thanks to everyone who came to the stream last night! I'm working on trimming this up for the audio that got muted - should have that done in next few hours. But, here's the OD link:
  • Reminder: Tomorrow - 1PM ET! Hope to see you all then.
  • Don't forget - if you're interested in joining the convo, or want to just hang out - here's the Discord:

    We'll be going live here in about 45 minutes:

    Rasani, Whirran, Rihrin - maybe Teani and a few others? We'll be talking god-things, war potentially, and anything else that comes up.
  • Thanks for everyone that joined us today! It'll still take a few hours before the first 10 minutes or so are trimmed off, but you can go ahead and watch it as is for now:

    We'll be back at it again Tuesday, the 26th, at 8PM ET (7PM CT/0:00 GMT). Again, if you want to get involved in any way, please just let me know.
  • Tuesday's show plans to be around lore, so looking for suggestions on things you'd like to see discussed!

    And, as a note, we'd love to see some shows done on the following:
    -Guild or other org leaders coming on to talk about their organization. Give it a little plug/love.
    -If you have an AD you want us to read off, kind of as a brief commercial break, we'll take those in too!
  • Looks like tonight, at 8PM ET/7PM CT, it'll be Rasani, Xenia, and myself! The starting focus will be about how players like to engage the game in regards to conflict, but may touch on some Moghedu lore if we get time for it. If you're interested in joining in the conversation, or have other topic ideas, always feel free to join the Discord:
  • Hopefully my posts don't get too troublesome! Reminder that we start in about 25 minutes:
  • Thanks to everyone that joined us last night! Like usual, it's still processing the trimming, but the ondemand is available:

    Kurak, Rasani, Rihrin, Xenia, and Whirran discuss player conflict and many other things - just so folks are aware of the content included at a high level.

    Sunday at 1PM ET will be our next broadcast - likely to be about Aetolian legendary players and our memories around them. If not that, may lean into lore related business.

    As usual, come join us in the Discord if you want to give discussion topics - or be a part of the conversation! We're always happy to have someone come in, even last minute:
  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    Today's show is at 1PM ET as usual. Looking to likely discuss past favorite events.

    If you have interest in joining to chat on this, just coke join the Discord.
  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    And here's the ondemand of Sunday's show with Teani!

  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    Tuesday's show will be @Bulrok and @Illikaal talking about GOATs of PvP and PvP related things. If you're interested in joining the convo with them, let me know. Show is at 8PM ET/0:00 GMT.
  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    GOATs and PvP will be going live at the top of the hour:
  • AloliAloli Between Books
    I dropped by for a bit and was smiling the entire time. I went away thinking "Thank you for making something nice and respectful, finally."
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  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    Here's the ondemand of Bulrok and Illikaal's show from yesterday. Thank you so much for everyone that came to chat with us!

    (please excuse my crappy editing)
  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    Hey folks! Just a FYI here - with it being Mother's day here in the states and having only one other person to be on the stream, we're going to cancel out. But! We'll be back online for Tuesday.

    As usual, be reminded that you can join our Discord at any time if you want to give ideas for topics or join us - we take anyone and everyone for conversations! And, even if you don't want to join the Discord, you can always reach out to me with ideas/thoughts.

    Thanks everyone for making this podcast amazing! We absolutely appreciate you all. <3
  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    Rasani and I will be talking, likely for about a hour, about city roleplay! This starts at 8PM ET (which is a little over a hour away):

  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    edited May 2022
    Ondemand of the chat with Rasani yesterday! We talk a bit of Damariel, and lots of Enorian:

    Please remember: Sunday's show (the 15th) is at 1PM ET and will showcase Bulrok and Iesid talking PvP. The focus will be breaking down one class and talking shop about its kit in terms of dueling, ganking, groups, etc. They're hoping to bring in a rep for each class when they come to it - so if you're interested in talking about your class, go ahead and reach out to @Bulrok to get that rolling.
  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    Just a reminder: Tomorrow's show at 1PM ET will be Iesid and Bulrok breaking down PvP for a particular class(es)! Tuesday the 17th at 8PM ET will be Feirenz and Illikaal - talking Shamans/Duiran and Syssin/Spinesreach.
  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    Getting started here at the top of the hour with Iesid and Bulrok, talking PvP and Bards!

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