Luminary Combat: Attacks

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The Luminary may deliver a wide range of afflictions, as detailed within
this scroll:
                            **IMPORTANT NOTE**
The shield you wield affects both the damage of the attack and the speed
at which you attack. Therefore, you should always use a buckler for all
affliction attacks, and usually a tower for limb attacks. In rare
instances, you will want to use a tower with overwhelm, but usually the
buckler is the way to go.
You must also have a mace wielded to use the chasten ability in
Spirituality, which can be used off balance after many attacks.
Spirituality Attacks:
 [BA] Smite       Does Damage based on your STR.
 [EQ] Shine       Burn off Magical Darkness.
 [EQ] Sear        33% Chance Salves Fail for 30 Seconds
 [EQ] Panic       Give the Fear Affliction (useful to help escape Death
                  Tarot by forcing the Tarot user out of your location).
                  Will also cause any weapons wielded by your opponent
                  to fall to the ground provided your target has not
                  GRIPPED or attached a Fist Sigil.
 [BA] Smash       Does 30% Limb Damage to the targeted Limb
 [BA] Strike      Gives Paralysis Afflictions. Reboundable.
 [EQ] Beckon      Bring adjacent players to your location.
 [BA] Crush       Does damage to any two bodyparts, can be parried.
                  Buckler Shield - 2.75 Balance - 2% BodyPart Damage
                  Cavalry Shield - 3.00 Balance - 6% BodyPart Damage
                  Banded Shield - 3.25 Balance - 8% BodyPart Damage
                  Kite Shield - 3.50 Balance - 11% BodyPart Damage
                  Tower Shield - 3.75 Balance - 15% BodyPart Damage
 [EQ] Strip       Remove a random defense from your target. Always
                  strips rebounding, and then shield, first.
 [BA] Facesmash   Strips Blindness, Gives Berserking.
 [EQ] Ward        Attempt to scare Chaos Entities out of your location.
 [EQ] Chasten     Afflict with Anorexia, Stupidity, Paranoia,
                  Loneliness, Recklessness or Masochism. Used by
                  itself, the affliction is hidden. Used in conjunction
                  with a balance attack, it is not.
 [FR] Battle      Afflict with Anorexia, Stupidity, Impatience, Vertigo,
                  Sensitivity, or Self-Pity. Operates on the independant
                  Spiritwrack Balance
 [BA] Crash       Disrupt your opponent mental equilibrium. No Chasten.
 [EQ] Sap Drain   100+10% of your opponents mana. Goes through shield.
 [BA] Punch       Afflict with Weariness.
 [BA] Spiritwrack Automated Angel Battle
 [BA] Slam        Gives Asthma and Haemophilia. No Chasten
 [EQ] Absolve     Instantly kills if opponent is below 49.99% mana. Will
                  strip soulcage first if soulcage is present.
 [BA] Overwhelm   Give Bleeding, Blackout, and Damage at once. Can
                  Chasten and Battle afterwards, hidden by blackout.
Devotion Attacks:

 [EQ] Truth:      With Damariel symbol painted, works as an eye sigil.
 [EQ] Purity:     Does damage through shield, with increased damage
                  to Undead and Necromancers.
 [EQ] Warding:    Gives everyone but you fear. Of note, players who are
                  FOCUSED will not run out of the room. Rite.
 [EQ] Hellsight:  Gives one random affliction instantly, and if not
                  cured a new affliction every few seconds.
 [EQ] Dazzle:     Give Confusion + Dizziness.
 [EQ] Demons:     Drain Health and Mana randomly. Rite.
 [EQ] Force:      Make them do your bidding. Like remove armor.
 [EQ] Convocation:If they're in the rite, and not massed, you can summon
                  them to you instantly. Of note, firewall strips mass.
 [EQ] Banishment: If Minion of Chaos is gone, will start sending Chaos
                  Entities back to Chaos Plane.
 [EQ] Damnation:  Prevents Rebirth similar abilities from working. Will
                  stop -your- rebirth as well. Hits everyone.
 [EQ] Piety:      Random chance of preventing movement of enemies.
Illumination Attacks:
 [EQ] Enflame:    Make your weapon set opponents ablaze.
 [EQ] Fire:       Set your target ablaze.
 [EQ] Blindness:  Make your opponent blind. Don't ever use this.
 [EQ] Shine:      Gives random afflictionsdamage to your enemies list.
 [EQ] Severance:  Try to destroy a Vampiric Minion.
 [EQ] Firewall:   Sets ablaze and strips mass when passed through.
 [EQ] Fear:       Non-Sentient animals in your location flee.
 [EQ] Lightning:  Gives Stun, Sunlight_Allergy, and does damage.
 [EQ] Firebomb:   Explodes 5 seconds after triggering, will do 1000
                  damage to you and run the holocaust routine on
                  everyone else in your location.
 [EQ] Heatwave:   Gives Damage, Hallucinations, and Berserking.
 [EQ] Quicken:    Sets the room you're in on fire. Will not spread.
 [EQ] Transfixion:Strips blindness if blind, otherwise transfixes.
 [EQ] Sear:       Stops Tree tattoo for 30 seconds.
 [EQ] Firestorm:  Sets the room you're in on fire. Will spread.
 [EQ] Shadow:     Give passive afflictions. Open every fight with it.
                  Gives Weariness, Blurry Vision, or Disloyalty.
[BA] Shatter Use your mace to do damage and limb damage to your foe.



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