Luminary Combat: Judgement

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Judgement is a skill in Spirituality that has been a staple of the
Spiritualist offense since the days of the Priests. There are several
ways in which a Judgement may be accomplished, and this scroll lists the
most common ones.

It is important to note that once a Judgement has been initiated, you
may not enter any command whatsoever or the judgement will cease.
Certain afflictions, such as becoming prone, paralysed, entangled, or
put to sleep will immediately stop your judgement.

If your opponent flees your room, the judgement will cease.

However, unlike behead in weaponry, Judgement has no requirement or
setup needed, you may simply begin a judgement at any given time.

The most effective way to Judge your opponent is to icewall the exits to
your location to prevent escape (using an icewall enchantment ring), and
then make them prone so that they cannot use a web tattoo to stop your

Usually this is accomplished by breaking the legs of the opponent, using
a combination of shield CRUSH (Spirituality Skill), SMASH (Spirituality
Skill), Targeted Smites (Same message as SMASH), Shatter (Weaponry), or
by overloading the opponent with afflictions so that they cannot cure.

Before ever beginning a judge, you should have a necklace of purity and
ensure that Angel Care (Spirituality) is activated. Do not automatically
stop your judgement when you are paralyzed, as there is a chance that
your Angel or the Purity Necklace will cure the Paralysis before the
game runs a Judgement check, and the Judgement will continue.



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