Luminary Combat: Defenses

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As a Luminary, you have access to a wide range of abilities within our
guild skills of Illumination, Spirituality, and Devotion, as well as a
wider range of abilities through Survival, Vision, Weaponry, Tattoos,
and the various herbal concoctions of the realm.
       [EQ] Uses Equilibrium [BA] Uses Balance [FR] Uses Neither

                     --[ Illumination Defenses ]--
 [FR] Nightsight   Grants you the ability to see in the dark
 [FR] Enflame      Your weapon will set your enemies ablaze.
 [EQ] Fireblock    Stops a single instance of being set ablaze.
 [EQ] Lightshield  Reduces magical damage type.
 [EQ] Warmth       Grants the Insulation Defenses (Caloric Salve)
 [EQ] Shine        Passively attack your enemies with your Light.
 [EQ] *Rebirth     Grant Life anew upon Death.

 * Your angel will fade automatically upon death, even if you rebirth,
   and you will need to resummon the angel and reactivate any a
   applicable skills.
                       --[ Devotion Defenses ]--
 [EQ] Bliss        Grants Toughness, Fitness, and Resistance Defenses.
 [EQ] Inspiration  Increase your Strength by two points.
 [EQ] *Well-Being  Prevent HungerSleep Increases
 [EQ] Focus        Make your immobile. Focus again to become mobile.
 [EQ] *Damnation   Stop StarburstRebirthSoulcage et cetera
 [EQ] *Banishment  Banish Chaos Entities once Chaos Minion is gone.
 [EQ] *Piety       Random Chance of stopping movement against enemies.
 [EQ] *Pilgrimage  Other Luminaries and teleport to you.
 [EQ] Sustenance   Fills a bowl with manna, which ceases hunger.
 [EQ] *Warding     Everyone but yourself runs in fear.

 *Rites are not portable, and only work int he room they are placed in

                     --[ Spirituality Defenses ]--
 [FR] Summon       Create a Spiritual Mace to Smite your Foes.
 [EQ] Call         Call your mace back if you've lost it.
 [EQ] Aura         Give yourself a magical shield.
 [EQ] *Care        Your Angel will heal your afflictions.
 [EQ] *Empathy     Your Angel will heal your health.
 [EQ] *Mindread    Listen in on tells coming into your location.
 [EQ] *Watch       Your Angel will report when an enemy comes close.
 [EQ] *Trace       Your enemy will alert you to your target's movements.
 [EQ] *Corporality Blocks BlackwindLightformMistform
 [FR] Symbols      AB SPIRITUALITY SYMBOLS for more details on this.

 *These abilities place a heavy drain on your angel's power.

                        --[ Survival Defenses ]--
 [FR] Insomnia     Keep yourself from being put to sleep
 [EQ] *Metawake    Wake Instantly from sleep.
 [EQ] Clarity      Block the first instance of mental attacks.
 [EQ] Breathing    Block Asphyxiation attacks [Hold Breath]

 *Actively drains mana.

                         --[ Vision Defenses ]--
 [EQ] *Vigilance  Alerts you to hypnosis attempts.
 [EQ] *Treewatch  Alerts you to movement in the trees.
 [EQ] Deathsight  Lets you know when people die.
 [EQ] *Skywatch   Alerts you to movement above.
 [EQ] *Alertness  Alerts you to movement in adjacent locations.
 [EQ] *Telesense  Alerts you to mindlock attempts.
 [FR] Thirdeye    Gives you room locations on WHO List
 [EQ] *Hypersight See the actions of cloaked persons.

 *Actively drains mana.

                         --[ Tattoo Defenses ]--

 The following tattoos simply work once activated, until they fade:
      Mountain   Passively restores endurance.
      Owl        Passively restores willpower
      Boar       Passively restores health
      Moon       Passively restores mana
      Moss       Passively slows down bleeding amounts.
 The following tattoos work only after touched:

     Starburst   Instantly revives you from death, with no defenses.
     Book        Gives increased experience gain.
     Flame       Instantly erase a single binding
     Wand        Fully fill your mana.
     Crystal     Fully heal yourself of all wounds.
     Mindseye    See and hear through blindnessdeafness.
     Bell        Alerts you to phased players in your location.
     Tree        Cures an affliction.
     Chameleon   Change your name on the WHO list.
     Shield      Grants you a magical shield.

                        --[ Herbal Defenses ]--
     Skullcap (Smoked)         Gives Rebounding Aura
     Skullcap (Eaten)          Grants Deathsight Defense
     Echinacea (Eaten)         Grants Thirdeye Defense
     Cohosh (Eaten)            Grants Insomnia Defense
     Pear (Eaten)              Underwater Breathing
     Bayberry (Eaten)          Gives Blindness
     Hawthorn (Eaten)          Gives Deafness
     Kola (Eaten)              Wake quicker from sleep.
     Sileris (Applied)         Block fangs of serpents and vampires.
     Speed (Sipped)            Increases dodge rate, prevents aeon.
     Levitation (Sipped)       Hover above the ground.
     Venom (Sipped)            Reduce venom damage
     Frost (Sipped)            Reduces thermal damage
     Caloric (Applied)         Prevents cold based attacks and reduces
                               cold damage.
     Vigor (Sipped)            Gives 5% health back based on damage
                               done in criticla strike.
     Mass (Applied)            Prevents forced movement attacks.

                      --[ Ascendant Defenses ]--
  The following abilities are gained through raceskill points by those
  who have achieved the 99th circle or higher.

 [EQ] Heatsight   See hidden players.
 [EQ] Listening   Listen in on conversations in a set direction.
 [EQ] Pacing      Run alongside mounts.
 [EQ] Hide        Conceal yourself from prying eyes.
 [EQ] Hover       Gives levitation defense.
 [FR] Warmth      Reduces BluntCutting Damage
 [FR] Chemelon    Same as Chameleon Tattoo
 [EQ] Stalking    Increased movement speed.
 [FR] Gripping    Prevent weapons from being knocked from your hands
 [EQ] Flight      Fly above your location.
 [EQ] TremorSense Detect underground movement.

                      --[ Ylem Orb Defenses ]--
    Red     - increases damage against denizens, and reduces damage
              done to you by them
    Green   - increases the effect of the vigour defence by 25%
    Blue    - grants the shell defence while active
    Yellow  - increases experience gain
    White   - increases ylem gain from killing eld

                        --[ Other Defenses ]--
  WEAPONRY  - Parry Block attacks to the parried limb.
  RESEARCH  - Disperse  Immediately writhe free of attack.
  AVOIDANCE - Dodging   Dodge attacks.

                         --[ Enchantments ]--
  These enchantments are available in various shops and will assist in
  combat and defenses.

  Brooch of the Underking      Gives the deathsight defense while worn
  Earring of Allsight          Gives the mindseye defense while worn
  Resistance Rings             4 Available - Electrical, Cold, Magic,
                               and Fire. Reduces Damage from those
  A lunar eclipse medallion    Blocks astrological effects.
  A runed rainstick            Increased endurance regeneration
  A dreamcatcher               Increased sleep benefits
  Necklace of Purity           Passively cures afflictions.
  Gem of Negation              Cures all affs, strips all defs.
  Fist Sigil                   When attached, prevents your weapons
                               from being knocked from your hands.
  Monolith Sigil               Prevent portals and other teleportation
                               abilities in your location.
  Firelash Ring                Destroy Icewalls.
  Element Crystal              Summon an elemental to assist you.



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