Luminary Combat: Introduction

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The Luminary who properly wields the skills presented before him is one
of the most feared and respected individuals in the realm. A Luminary
may stand in Judgement of another, overwhelm them in a fury of martial
attacks, or tear their very soul from their body.
A Luminary can damage limbs with the fervor of a monk, electrify as the
best mage, and afflict like the quickest of the knights. The Luminary
who learns a balance between these is a soldier of Light to be feared.
It is at this point that this scroll will take a more technical turn,
and some of the contents will be discussing combat between two people
in a decidedly insane manner. If this offends you, you should stop
reading now.
When choosing a statpack as a Luminary, you should remember that many
player attacks (PvP) in Aetolia are %maxhealth based, so CON, while
important, is not a make or break proposition. Now, in hunting
situations (PvE), you'll want a higher CON.
It is also important to remember that combat in Aetolia is balanced
around what is known as the endgame statpacks (Level 99+) so you may struggle
some initially until you hunt to these circles if you plan to participate in PvP.

Please do not get discouraged, it is a grind that we have all
had to do and it is considerably easier to obtain the 99th circle today
than it was just a few years ago.
The next thing to remember in Luminary combat is that most of our
attacks use both a shield of some sort and a mace attack to follow up, which
means you're usually chasing balance and equilibrium at the same time.
Additionally, most of our balance based attacks are decided not by
racial balance but instead by shield size. You are only going to go as
fast as your slowest balance, so I generally recommend that you use
a + EQ statpack, as Luminaries have far more equilibrium only attacks
than we do balance only attacks.
If you are worried about a base damage attack, Lightning in Illumination
replaces Smite as the primary damage attack for high INT Luminaries.
Smite, while a magic damage type, is calculated using the STR stat.



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