Announce post #3304: City Riddle Contest Details

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City Riddle Contest Details

Hi folks!

The City Riddles contest will be starting on Monday 17th at 00:30 and I wanted to share the details / rules before the chaos of the Great Hunt kicks off. I've also copied this info into a new HELP RIDDLE CONTEST file.

- Once the contest opens each city will have 48 hours to solve a total of ten riddles.
- To begin receiving clues and solving riddles, go to your city's pylon and ask the NPC there for a tablet.

* Bloodloch: Mogrov
* Duiran: Beymak
* Enorian: Braytal
* Spinesreach: Fridhild

- With the tablet in hand, PUSH it to receive the first clue, which will lead you to a specific location.
- When you think you've found the right room, TOUCH the tablet to verify.
- If the answer is correct, the tablet will vibrate and advance to the next clue.
- If it's the wrong answer, you'll be informed of that and unbalanced for a very short while.
- The tablet will persist for an hour before returning to the city NPC.
* This prevents one person hoarding the tablet forever.

Some notes:

- Time starts from when the contest opens.
- The city who finishes first will be the winner.
- This is intended to be a 4 way competition - sharing answers between orgs isn't allowed. We'll be watching for this, so don't do it. In that vein:
* The order of clues is not the same for every city.
* Most of the clues are shared between everyone, but not all of them. Some are unique to the city solving them.

Good luck!

Penned by my hand on Falsday, the 7th of Ios, in the year 500 MA.
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