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So, with bravery in my heart, I eagerly await to hear of what people think of Sarkis. I know he has a rather uh... colorful past, and that currently most of the people who actually have interacted with him in any depth are either in Enorian or the Sentaari (and generally both).

All the same, I'm curious to know what people think of him as a character and what you think of his somewhat moderate shift towards appearing more outwardly serious.


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    You call yesterday moderately serious? :D you were standing in the 4 corners making a goof of yourself. Hoping to run into him again to see the serious side again. :)

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    Honestly, I love Sarkis. Always makes things interesting. 

    I especially liked how he almost yelled at Kal to not hog his book while they were all reading his masterpiece! 
    I hope to have more RP with you!! :D 

    (from Kaleigh's pov ;) )
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    edited April 2013
    :D And no, Meyvitch, that wasn't really him being all that serious. Usually, his seriousness is more a one on one, or guild specific sort of deal... though that has been changing as well.
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    I'm bumping, it's been a month since he's really come back
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    When I first met Sarkis, I have to say I was a bit unsure of him, due to his outwardly silly and goofy persona. However, I'm glad I continued to interact with him, it allowed me to discover that there's more to him if one is willing to scape the surface. I enjoy seeing Sarkis' reactions, because I can honestly say I have no idea just -what- he will do or say. Sometimes he really shocks and surprises me with the depth of his seriousness, it makes me want to learn more and more about him and why he is the way he is. He is quickly becoming someone Kerryn can depend on and I enjoy watching their friendship flourish, even if there are times she wants to throttle him with a pot.

    I really like your emoting style, beautiful imagery without being over the top. You have no problem moving between simple says or longer more in-depth emotes when needed, which allows the rp to move at a comfortable pace. Also I appreciate your willingness to roll with anything tossed your way. Which makes rp with you that much more fun.

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    I'm still super new here and I don't think Eulalie has even met Sarkis, but I really hope they meet up some day because you were the only person to pick up on the Poe reference!
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    Since it's been over a year and I've been up to things lately (many things), I'm curious to see how perception of Sarkis has (or hasn't) changed. I've been taking him on a more serious, somewhat less accommodating direction, bringing out the normally veiled, grim side of the character between bouts of surface levity.
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    I've yet to meet the grim side. But I do like that you're still one of the Fox's best friends.
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    If Sarkis ever gets 'grim', hand him a rattle and tell him to meditate.
    (Kidding, don't hit me! <3 )
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