Adopt a Minotaur

As the Title says, Adopt your very own Minotaur. Tinazin hail's from Enorian within the Templar's. He is very family oriented, wouldn't mind someone from the Shadow tether or from the spirit side to be his parents/Adoptive parents. He is 20 and don't know if people actually adopt anymore since the clan The Robin's Nest no longer exist or no one pays attention to it anymore. Was hoping to have minotaur parents but as unlikely as that sounds anyone will due.


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    One recommendation I would make as someone who has interacted with you a good deal, to increase your chances of people being into adopting you is like remove your last name, you already have a suffix set that looks like a last name. And not all prospective adopters read the forums. So maybe people think you wanna stick with that name and so forth and because of that might not think to approach you to join their family instead. Hope this helps!
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