Questions for Ictinus on Weekly Milestone Stream

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Those of us who have been on the show stay in the Discord for the show and plan things for each week. We've discussed the idea of having questions submitted this way before the show, that we can read aloud, along with who it's from, so its not a giant mess trying to just use Twitch chat to read questions. You can still just submit questions in Twitch chat on Saturday, but if you want to help out by doing it like this ahead of time, have at it.

Note, the theme of the stream is more about getting to know Ictinus and less about Aetolia specific stuff. You should be able to get your questions in on Aetolia specific stuff on the Town Hall meetings.

Also, I thought about putting this in the existing show's thread, but I was afraid people wouldn't necessarily see it in time. So, here we go. Thanks!
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    This is gonna be an exciting stream! My question is:
    * What is your favorite genre of books/movies/music?
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    What got you into MUDs in the first place?
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    Edit: Didn't realize this would be non-Aetolia specific stuff! Apologies
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    Consuming other entertainment products often helps someone with design choices in a game they are responsible for. What kinds of you games do you enjoy in your free time?
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    A list of kinks in ascending order of how powerful they are would be helpful for me personally.
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    What piece of media (or genre of media) would you say was most informative to you as a storyteller/roleplayer?
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    - If you had to fight an exponentially growing number of 8 year olds (2^(day-1)), what weapon would you pick to make it through the month, if the kids all got the same thing?
    - If you had to pick a century to live in other than this one, which would it be (and where)?
    - Who did you romance in Mass Effect?
    - VIM or EMACS? Also tab or spaces?
  • MjollMjoll Member Posts: 305 ✭✭✭✭
    Follow up to Toz's last question, if it's spaces - how many?
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    Follow up to the follow up, if it's spaces - who hurt you?
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  • IesidIesid Member Posts: 196 ✭✭✭
    What are some settings, stories, books or other media that influence your take on Aetolia's setting and fantasy or writing overall?
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