Announce post #3202: Auction II

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7/28/2021 at 20:18
Tiur, the Gnosis
Auction II

Because it's been a long while since we've had an auction I made some mistakes and made this one too boring. Here's round two to fix that. 12 days again!

*NEW* icepocket (artifact power)
Added like coldpocket to a container, any container. Slows food decay by a factor of 14.

Custom wings token
Trade in for a custom wings room, you choose the exits and the command word.

Custom Unity Token
Change the text of your marriage line. Subject to admin approval.

*NEW* A drinking goblin contract
Owning this entitles you to recieve a drink every RL hour, delivered upon request via the contract. The drink that shows up will be at the whim of the deliverer.


Full relic token
Trade for any relic (except the oldschool ones that are just normal artifacts)

Relic Piece
Trade for any relic piece for any relic

*NEW*A <blank> door
Did you know doors can be things that aren't "pine"? Neither did I, but Ceraen says they can. Pick the material for the entry door to your home.


Relic Piece
Trade for any relic piece for any relic

Special Room Environment
We'll set up rooms in your house with a special environment. The list available via BUILDING ENVIRONMENTS is something like 12% of the actual ones. If nothing matches your idea, we'll make another.


PS Again, this takes me a little bit to input into the system. Patience!

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 13th of Niuran, in the year 496 MA.


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    Thank you!
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