Odette Blacktalon

OdetteOdette USAMember Posts: 2
Oh, why not :smile: I suppose it is time I jump on the bandwagon!


  • SaidennSaidenn Member Posts: 135 ✭✭✭
    While our interactions have been few and far between, every one I have had has been enjoyable! Odette is fairly defined, even if a private person. In the ways she lets herself interact and enjoy the company of others, however, she shows a depth that has yet to be explored.

    I know our times never seem to match up, but hopefully - RP in the future.
  • RinnekRinnek Member Posts: 9
    I have yet to come across a more interesting RP partner for Rinnek. The two of them have these odd similarities that could either lead to a sense of kinship or a violent clash. Thus far it has been delightfully the former. As a player, your mastery over a vast lexicon is never anything short of delightful. Odette manages to be mysterious and aloof without seeming unapproachable. You don't just give away facets of her character and her past for nothing, which I love. A great backstory can be ruined by a player dumping it too eagerly and too soon. Everything about Odette so far has been believable, organic, fascinating and not at all over the top.

    My only critique is that you should somehow manage to be online when I am more often. =p

    Thanks for being you and for the quality role play to date. You're great. 
  • OdetteOdette USAMember Posts: 2
    Thank you both! Life has gotten busy but I do hope we get to RP in the future :)
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