Roux's Art Commissions

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Roux's Art Commissions

Hello everyone, I'm opening up for a few commissions over the coming weeks to help fill out my time with constructive artistic things. I'll take on the first few people who express interest and see where things go from there!

For the moment, I'll be handling initial requests through PM. I accept payment through Paypal, but if other payment applications need to be discussed, that is an option.
Payment and what's available are as follows


All busts have the option of:
Sticker-like with transparent background
Gradient background in a complimenting color (For full color)
These can be finished in a hard cut at the shoulders, a fade away, or simply go off the page depending on preference.

Bust linework: $25

Example 2 - WIP linework

Bust black and white shading: $35

No example, see example below of full body shading for an approximate look.

Bust with color $45


Optional: Gradient background in a complimenting color
Optional: Transparent background
Plus pet/mount: +$20
Plus detailed background: +$30

Full-body linework: $40

Full-body black and white shading: $50

Full-body with color: $70

Other/Custom layouts - custom price

Multiple characters: Custom order with custom price
Other options, feel free to ask, it's my prerogative whether I think I can complete the work as requested and I'll certainly let you know.

For all commissions, $15 will be due before work begins and the remaining will be due after it has been completed, with in progress captures shown as needed or requested. Final high resolution image will be delivered upon receipt of the final payment. If for some reason the art cannot be completed, the $15 will be refunded.


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