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So I have been having a hard time picking a new setup for a character over the past week. As some may have noticed. So I decided just to let a randomizer choose things for me.

I give you Seryn, the Syssin, Tsol'aa!

I thought this might be something of a thread. If you randomized your character (I used google number generator) what would you end up being?

Also, I can't sleep and decided just to take my ADHD meds and be up all night so entertain me!


  • I mean, don't people just roll D20's and take what they get? I rolled and got a Kobold Wayfarer.
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    I absolutely hate this because of the sheer chaotic energy and how it clogs up my org logs with shit like this:

    edit: It was late and I was tired, so I guess this didn't translate well and it sounded like I was actually tilted about it. I'm really not, and for the past month myself and a few others on Spirit side have been trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Glad to see there was a reason behind it. Do what makes you happy!

    Tell me how I'm doing!
    (Web): Mileta says, "Okay... Sry is an edgelord..."

    (Web): Dreww says, "Sryaen just wants to be the best Dhar boi and slaughter everyone."
  • Apologies.
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    It took less than a week for this not to age well 😂
    "And finally, swear to Me: You will give your life to Dendara for you are Tiarna an-Kiar."
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