Lack of stone

Gonna make this quick and easy: Why has the quantity of stone in the game been depleted so much and is there anything going to be done about it? The current access to it makes it practically impossible to add onto castles. 


  • As far as I'm aware, every city is hoarding stone in case production facilities for Mining requires a large quantity of it.

    Outside of people also buying it for personal use, I'd agree that trying to get stone is otherwise painstakingly difficult and outright impossible to get unless you're willing to pay an inflated amount for it (Bloodloch sells 2500gp per.)
  • RhyotRhyot Bloodloch
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    From a previous thread and discussion, stone is not going to be part of Mining. Doubtful it will be part of the third Production skill either. 

    Re: cities. I don't expect Mining or ???? buildings requiring stone. They have a whole help file about how much each production building costs in gold/comms. Cities only hoard stone for the same reason they don't throw up every single comm in their warehouse to the city: because we're hoarders and need them for ourselves. Talk to your city Trade Minister for a large purchase order. 

    That said, you either have to buy from cities or try your luck at the commshops. I often can get about 7-10 pieces per day, if im lucky. 

    It's not a huge amount and takes time to get the 200 stone to build an extra room onto Castle Vyktaite, but it does get done. 

  • DemarcusDemarcus Black Flagon Inn
    So we should not expect to be able to obtain stone via mining? 
  • AeryxAeryx Docking Nipsy's pay
    Demarcus said:

    So we should not expect to be able to obtain stone via mining? 

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