Witty title- Clovis and Omei

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The last of Clovis if anyone is interested. Not my finest but I was, hopefully understandably, very emotional and had a hard time typing. I purposely bought two pints of ice cream and tissues for the occassion.


(Faithful Whisper): Omei says, "Honored Clovis of Teargarden."

Iesid Mulariad, the Imago's Seer asks Rhine, "Love?"

Iesid Mulariad, the Imago's Seer says to Rhine, "W-would you hold Oskar for a bit?"

"I uhm... sure," Rhine nods, sounding quite unsure about this.

(Faithful Whisper): You say, "My Queen."

--- An abyss-defying jungle ------- 0:0:1 ---
Rain pours down from the sky, the dawn's light filtering dimly through the cloud cover. A chthonic statue of Omei is here, caught midway between manifold moths and Her singular, Rajamala form. Inasea the Mercurial is here, wreathed in sapphirine light. Lunar brilliance and chaotic light blaze about the form of Omei, the Imago.

You have emoted: Clovis's eyes shimmer with a mixture of excitement and arousal as the youthful looking human bends at the knee and stares up at You.

Iesid arrives from the north.

Inasea turns to consider you with soft, curious eyes, then looks back to Omei - as well as to the advancing frame of Iesid.

You have emoted: Clovis has no mind for the fae gathered, her hazel eyes entirely on the focus of Omei. Without worry or fear, she steps forward to hug at Her.

"Ah. Honored Clovis," Omei greets you as you crosses from the Cradle's side. She strides until Her hindpaws stand at the very edge, looking outwards across the great abyss beneath. Her head cants forward, and droplets of blood and light fall from Her, spiraling downward to become lost in the blackness below. She barely wavers at your closeness, drawing one slim arm about your frame in a welcoming embrace.

Iesid's long legs carry him up the slope of the bridge, his expression kept unreadable and blank. He stops nearby, coming to a halt right beside Inasea the Mercurial to watch this beautiful reunion.

Omei, the Imago asks you, "How now, My moth?"

You have emoted: Clovis exhales deeply until it can be heard coming from her toes. It is a sigh of delight. Relief. Resignment. She holds closely. Her fingers tangle in blessed fur as she looks upward, still looking enraptured. "My Love. My Queen. Always." Even as her knuckles furrow, she remains quiet for a moment. "May I ask a.. simple boon before I go? It is the first and last time I will ever ask. Even if You state NO, I will be yours. Forever. Ever. Always..." And now her eyes glaze over with contentment.

Omei's empty eyes shy aside to Iesid, for just the barest moment - an acknowledgement, even amidst the importance of the present task. Soon enough, however, the twin voids settle upon you, blurred to rosy prisms by the rainfall. Her teeth glitter as She smiles, a crescent moon. There, a claw lifts, brushing aside a dark lock of brown. Her violescent lips fall, marking a kiss at the center of your forehead. "Ask, My beloved, and we shall see if it may be so."

You have emoted: "My children, the magetrees withing Duiran, may they have siblings? Something from Dream that will allow others to know You outside. A beautiful copse. Something that can sing of YOU." Clovis asks curiously. At that Kiss, she clings all the more until her knuckles show white. "My beautiful Queen."

Inasea, too, stands near the bridge's very edge. Her hands are folded, and she follows the downward gaze, something of the abyss' blackness staring back in her eyes. A trace of nervousness is writ across her expression as she listens to the exchange between you and Omei. She doesn't look at Iesid, though, positioning herself to place the conversation between she and he.

You have emoted: Clovis clings to Omei the way a child or lover might, fearlessly and longingly.

"They may," Omei murmurs lowly in promise. Her grip is gentler, though not so much gentler, holding short, slight you firm so near the bridge's edge. A pearlescent shimmer in Her eyes, as though magewood orbs had been carved out from the voids, but this too is only an illusion of the rain, there and gone. "I shall offer them for gifts to Enorian, and thence place four more, so that seven might stand upon the Primeside. This, shall I do in your name, Clovis of Teargarden- whether there, or elsewhere, where honor is to be found in dreaming."

Iesid doesn't move. For all the raging and screaming he might usually do, the Seer is unusually calm in this moment. He has eyes only for Omei and you, the nature of the latter's request inspiring tears to develop at their corners. They wet the mottled scarring in a mask of upset - or joy or anguish or some other unknowable thing. The reply sets the tears to racing, new companions formed in silence - forged from the witnessing. The understanding.

You have emoted: Clovis's hazel eyes break into tears. "My children. Our children." She shamelessly continues clinging to Omei as she does. It is a quiet enough scene for the human. "Do you know that I never sought to become a greater creature. An ascension. Within this land. You are my only land. There was never any doubt in my life once I became Yours that I will grow greater for saving myself and my Dreams."

There are few thoughts that do not occur that are not of Omei save a few of a single pale male that might, but did not, conquer the love in her heard.

"Your dreams shall buy back Ka-la-kai, Clovis," the Goddess Omei whispers tenderly, the rush of rain and wind upon the leaves intermingling with Her voice so that it is many, moth-soft, all at once. "Your memories shall be the prized jewels of the moon, such that the Princess - and all others, by her - shall know what it is to dream, to dance, to ascend in manners which hold nothing in common with hollowness." Her lips fall a little nearer to you, now, gentle and rain-kissed as they rest to you cheek. Slight as you is, the Queen is not so much taller; She need only stoop a slight bit to manage it. "You shall forget yourself. You shall dream, never again to awaken."

Omei, the Imago says to you, "...but you will be unforgotten, by tree and by word - in the everyday dreams and doings of the Whisper. Unforgotten. Unforgotten."

Inasea's eyes squeeze shut as she listens. Her arms fold tight across her chest. She weeps, sapphirine tears falling away to be lost amidst the raindrops, shuddering where she stands.

"Unforgotten," the Seer whispers in sky-blue tones.

Iesid tears himself away from his place upon the bridge, wandering nearer and nearer to Inasea the Mercurial as the rain falls down. He swings his coat off and, while taking immense care to avoid the Mercurial's line of sight, drapes the midnight thing around her shoulders. It leaves his slight frame exposed to the weather, but the Queenseer doesn't seem to mind.

Inasea looks up, as startled as any creature of the Prime or Chaos could be. She very nearly drops the coat from her, the gesture reflexive - but then she drags it nearer about herself, huddling within its depths and sniffling as she looks at the verdant bridge beneath her feet. Only then does she chance a pale, sky-blue glance up at Iesid, eyes blotchy from tears, a coil of quicksilver snot lingering at the edge of her nose.

You have emoted: "Ka-la-kai.." Clovis exhales as she speaks. She climbs Omei and meets her as she will. Accepting. "My memories of love and all that born them are Yours to command. I am happy to give them." There is the briefest of looks towards Iesid, something of concern. She utters out, "Blessed and loved by ME, Clovis, my son. He is is my son."

You smile and say to Omei, in Fae, "I am willing to lose everything I know and am. My Queen. You are as beautiful as You always were. I look forward to seeing Sythro in the light of everyone's eye and to see as everyone does."

You smile and say to Omei, in Fae, "Let my memories and life bring life to You. It matters not what I become."

"He is," the Queen Omei agrees with a regal, forward sweep of Her brow, butting it to your forehead. "He shall honor you." She exhales a warm, rainbow fog, a veil across Her lips and your own. "You have been a sublimity all your own, Clovis of Teargarden. I love you, ever so, and so forever." Her claws coil round your back now, piercing what remains of your shirt and intermingling its red dye with blood. Her lips fall to you, and She kisses you, soft at first - but then with a slowly mounting abandon as she crushes your mortal frame near. Her low growl sounds, pervading across the bridge, and one moment at a time, She steals your away, lingering like gossamer threads in the air. They sing with experience, with meaning, tangled all up in one another in an interconnected swarm of stars. They set Her lips to violet fire, waken twin moons blazing in Her gaze. Even Her tail has swept forward to coil about your waist.

Iesid's head has turned back to observe the proceedings, though he remains near enough to Inasea the Mercurial to provide unspoken support of some kind known only between he and his gloomy, sapphiric absence. Tears continue to mingle with the rain as he looks on, his lips working to form more words that do not gain the pleasure or privilege of sound for fear of disturbing this moment betwixt you and your goddess.

There is the thought of Clovis as a child in a farm land, helping her mother. She is happy to help with her sisters.

You have emoted: Clovis sinks into the welcome that is Omei. Her expression grows slack.
Balance Used: 1.00 seconds

In a rasp, almost too quiet to hear, Iesid Mulariad, the Imago's Seer says, "I love you, mom - and you'll always be unforgotten."

The thoughts continue as she grows. The typical thoughts, as she thought them, ones of familial closeness. Fights over clothing.

There is a flurry of happy memories of growth and familial happiness. They were all proud and concerned about small things.

There is a moment of lapse when Clovis moves to Enorian and decides to become something of 'light'.

It is a fast forward to her, a near crack against the thought, where she throws the book of light against someone sitting near her that stole her fish.

A few years later there is the dream on the two together and married though the dream shifts to somethign more like a dream. The two are busy with her family and happy. Healthy. Both have given up their guilds to become good together. Deathknight. Pale man.

The happy memories continue on and on. Happy moments with siblings and a previous Deathknight working with her father. It is a very glad scene of domestic bliss.

Delos is gone. Something cracks. There is a crack.

Everything is wrong. Memories are wrong. Everything is wrong. WRONG... there is a long time spent not knowing. Omei shows up. Not Her. There is a SONG. She follows the song.

After a moment's indecision, Inasea strides forward to stand beside Iesid, her teary eyes flitting up his span. Steeling herself, she looks him in the eye, lip quivering, and steps forward. Her arms go tight around him, squeezing with all their sapphirine, astral force. She rises onto tiptoe, the better to secure her grip.

There is a beautiful song and she finds her way through it. Deals with sexual this and not. The largest memory is her speaking with that pale man and telling him that she gave herself to HER. THERE ARE TEARS! SO MANY TEARS.

You have emoted: Clovis exhales deeply after a moment.

I love my family. I love him.

You have emoted: Clovis hangs loose in Her arms.

Omei's claw is a steadying stroke along your back, Her purr a low, near-subvocal rumble. "Love," She whispers to your lips. "Love."

Love. Love. Love. So much Love. Love for HER. Love for the two she called children. Love for Iesid and Rhine. Love. There is little to no anger in her heart.

You have emoted: Clovis's eyes are blank. For once, those hazel eyes speak of nothing. She is a dollin the arms of Omei.

Iesid's willowy arms rise up and, after an acknowledging nod for the eye contact, enfolds Inasea the Mercurial in a crushing hug. "I know... and I feel just as bad for that as for everything else," the Seer whispers through the sound of wind and storm, a verbal answer to something unspoken. He looks over at you, limp in Omei's arms, but does not let go of the Mercurial Noble in his arms. In fact, his embrace tightens as dread creeps along his features.

Your soaked body finally dries, the last drop of water falling from you to the ground.

Rosy light dances in the air, now, woven forth from Clovis' own heartstrings. There it plays and dances in the air, plucked by rain, stirred by wind, chords after chords ringing forth into the air about the bridge. There, poised, a silence from the woman - there, becoming, moths in the air, manifesting from stolen downpour, swarming into the frame of She Most Chromatic.

You have emoted: Clovis slumbers. To all people viewing, she sleeps. The small smile on her face continues on as if it never begun or ended.

"And now, My sweet one," Omei whispers, securing Her hold about you, "Downward, to rest." She grasps you, steps forth into nothing - and falls, a straight-tailed plunge into blackness.

You begin to follow Omei.

You follow Omei to the ether.

--- A raven's redoubt ---------- -1:0:-88 ---
A chthonic statue of Aisei roosts here in dreamy repose. A stygian shrine, centered about the statue
of a raven, predominates across this nest. A sable, raven-etched altar sits at the nest's center,
engraved with avian figures.
You see exits leading northeast and southeast.

There, far beneath the earth, where the waterfall's dull roar drums against the quicksilver and dissipates to mist, Omei lays you upon a sable, raven-etched altar. A chthonic shimmer envelops your frame, and already it has begun to fade, turn ethereal, as it becomes anew for its final journey into the Dreamworld. She bends to the slumbering frame, touches it to your lips, and whispers one last thing ere She departs from the place beneath the rock.

Softly, Omei, the Imago says to you, "Unforgotten, My beloved."

Omei, the Imago has lost you.

The Goddess Omei divides into moths, raccoons, and surging motes of fire, dancing etherward.


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    ah unicorns. This brought me to tears. Thanks for the RPs, Clovis. Unforgotten indeed <3
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    Yeah, wow guys... This made me legitimately emotional. Thanks for the feelings. I am sad that Clovis and Straid never got to interact more. Unforgotten, nevertheless. 
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