Aetolian Disney Songs

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    Arbre-Today at 7:27 PM

    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

    Lartus-Today at 7:16 PM

    oh wait, toz is famous

    Karhast-Today at 7:01 PM

    You're a singularity of unicorns awfulness Toz
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    I couldn't help myself
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    And here all I can get for the Atabahi is a song from the Aristocats.

    Everybody, Everybody, Everybody wants to be a wolf.
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    Vanguard @Daingean (To the tune of Prince Ali)

    Vanguard Daingean, fabulous he, 
    The lord of the Beacon.
    Praise the light, and kneel to his might,
    Down on one knee!

    Now, try your best to stay calm
    Brush up on your Tekura
    Then come ignite the skies of the night 
    just for heeeeeee.

    Vanguard Daingean! Mighty is he!
    The lord of the Beacon
    More handsome than your average man, definitely!

    He faced the Nazedha hordes,
    He doesn't even need swords
    He'll purge the land of Undeath?
    Oh my, Vanguard Daingean!

    He's got seventy-five gorgeous concubines
    Well trained Proteges
    He's got fifty-three
    When it comes to a list of artifacts
    Has he got one or two?
    I'm telling you, it's enough for some jealousyyyy.

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    Praise to the Admin and their work on instances.
    (I wanna be like you - Jungle Book)

    Now Shixblix is king of the swingers,
    all Aetolia VIP.
    He's reached the top, not gonna stop,
    He's on a bashing spree.
    And everyone else is chasing,
    Trying to gain in rank.
    With Xaanhal and Tiyen all cleared
    They're searching for a place to tank.

    And O M G!
    Here come the Admin team,
    Been working on a scheme
    An instance theme, dream
    The players scream
    Ready to fight
    And it's quite a sight
    The game is all asteam

    And for those interested in hearing it, click here for a recording.

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    Unrelated, but best Disney parody ever. The whole DBZ Abridged series is amazing too.
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    Consume life! What a wonderful taste.
    Consume life! Ain't no leavin' waste.
    It means eatin' folks for the rest of your days.
    It's our transcendency in necromancy
    Consuuume life!

    Consume life?
    Yeah. It's our motto!
    What's a motto?
    Nothing. What's a-motto with you?

    Those two words will solve all your problems, kid.
    That's right. Take Desian here...

    Why, when he was a young Indoraaaan
    When I was a young Indorannnn
    Very nice.

    He found his killing lacked a certain grace,
    his enemies would still talk back right to his face!

    I'm a sensitive Azudim though I seem like a god
    And it hurt that the rest of Sapience was not awed.
    And oh, the shock... He was in shock.
    Thought of leavin' Bloodloch... What's in a city?
    And I got with Elene... How did you feel?
    Every time that I...
    Hey Desian! Not in front of the kids!
    Oh. Sorry.

    It's our transcendencyyyy in necromancyyyyy
    Consuuume life!
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    My daddy is Pumba.
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