A step forward: Legyn's Archivist Ceremony

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This is not by far one of those lengthy roleplay logs, but one that has been a long time coming. It comes as a meaningful, first ceremony for the Archivists after its revamp and I truly enjoyed how it made me feel. As such, with permission of the main individuals, I would like to share our Archivist promotion ceremony for your reading pleasure.


Western end of city walls.
Dvaka the Geometrist stands here, her skin bathed in glowing linework. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. There are 5 jherzan Archivists here. There are 4 Republicans guard here. There are 4 conscripted Spirean soldiers here. There are 4 Spirean Sciomancers here. The luminescent double doors of the Archivium loom to the north, set into the cliff face. Humming with energy, a crystal aegis has been attuned to this location. There are 5 Syssins Defender here. Glancing around with an amiable air, a small, light blue taerilan is nearby.
You see a single exit leading southeast.

In attendance: @Akaryuterra, Cassomyr, Diggory, Elene, Ixi, @Legyn, @Maira, Merek, @Saidenn, Volundiel.

"Knowledge is power." The words are spoken loudly, amplified above the din of the city through a twist of Numerology. "Knowledge. Is. Power." Saidenn's bifurcated eyes drift over the collective group as his rumble settles into a moderate volume. "These words do we all know. We live them, we breathe them. They guide us in our mission to progress."

Saidenn motions with paw toward the double doors of the Archivium, "We use this motto to cut away the fabric of ignorance from our eyes, first, so we may guide those blinded by dogma, pride, and zealotry toward a future where all know of enlightenment." His paws come together, a ripple of power surrounding the Idreth, "So, too, do we use this as a guide through the mystery of the world around us, to find our place, but moreover, to uncover truth. Truth in the past. Truth in the future. Contained in the artifacts and volumes of Sapience and beyond." His voice drops for a moment of silence. "Knowledge is power."

After a brief pause, Saidenn Tetzauh says, "One amongst us has found their way through this motto to make their mark, to earn their place, and help us all along within the mission we all share. Today, do we recognize that feat."

Saidenn motions to the crowd, "Come. With me."

Akaryuterra just thought:
"Who is it ya think?"

-- There is a shift in surroundings. The guildhall is entered. --

The northern wing of the Archivium repository.
The wide hallway here runs in a straight and unbroken line, through the very core of the Archivium. The walls, constructed from a chaotic array of oddly-shaped stones, are thinly mortared and serve to frame a number of display cases. A line of display cases also occupies the center of the hall, the pale floorboards about them sanded to a smooth and gleaming polish. Brass sconces upon the stone walls hold candles, their warm light filling the space and illuminating the hallway's not-inconsiderable contents. A number of ancient relics sit placed within these display cases, many ancient, some marked with the spidery language of Kalsu, all set aside in eternal preservation. Their accompanying cards indicate these to be relics of the Ankyrean Order, dating back throughout the Second Mortal Epoch. A diagrammatic pillar stands at the center of the hallway, casting its light across the floor. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground.
You see exits leading north, south, and up.

Saidenn leads the group toward a diagrammatic pillar, stopping before it. The argent wood rising behind him, does he begin to speak again. "The Archivium rose out of the ashes of the Cabalists, a group dedicated to knowledge, to the deciphering of Mystery and Numerology. We were charged with the acquisition of knowledge, with gathering it into a single repository so we may learn of it, understand it, and enlighten the world around us." He shifts to look toward a diagrammatic pillar, "Beyond here do our greatest treasures lie, so here is the heart of our Collective, and here do we honor Legyn." He then smiles, motioning toward Legyn with a claw.

A tilt of her head, a dip of the chin, Elene sways upon her feet as her sleeves brush against the main body of her robes, allowing her critical gaze to fall upon Legyn.

Akaryuterra's gaze shifts to Legyn at Saidenn's indication. "Congratulations, and well done, Legyn." he says, offering a smile an a respectful bow of his head.

Ixi smiles at Legyn.

As if identifying what she is looking for, Elene gives a curt nod of satisfaction, of acknowledgement, and her arms fold across her chest, which rises and falls with each slow breath.

Elene just thought:
Next one will be me.

"Around us do we hold more knowledge than is stored in any one place. Thus, is it natural we guide our fellows, enlighten them, tear down the braces of ignorance, and rise above the fetters that entrap so many and keep them away from the freedom found in understanding." Saidenn then beckons toward Legyn to join him, "From when I first met him, Legyn dedicated himself to understanding our path, our ways, of serving our mission - of growing his personal knowledge and sharing that with each of us."

Maira's eyes briefly light up and she smiles, "Congratulations, Legyn." she chimes softly, voice barely an echo as she speaks towards Legyn while he takes a side with Saidenn.

Saidenn Tetzauh says, "His was not an easy path, either, for a Fellow of Avmedo, did he choose to delve into the depths of research, and what did he choose? None other than Rot known by Necromancers, but more - that which originated from the progenitor of this debilitating curse - Varach Scolrys himself."

At mention of the ill-named Necromancer, Elene's eyes narrow, slit-like. Her ichored lips shift, spreading into a thin smile as she recalls the subject.

"Deepest congratulations." Cassomyr agrees with a quiet half-smile, inclining his head toward Legyn.

Saidenn shifts his paw, then, lifting it and above a diagrammatic pillar does the singular numeral '1' form in a circle, "He searched of himself of what he need to do dig into the depths of uncovered history, now living amongst us." Now an obelus, rife with the numeral two. "He spoke with those afflicted by the Necromancer's curse, collected samples, tested for oddities, for anything we may learn of them." A triangle, a pentagon - three and five. "And did he uncover a new way in which we may eventually utilize our mutagens, new ways we may further our understanding of Bioessence, both for our benefit, and the detriment of our enemies." The cycle continues. Yi, Jhako, and Lgakt join the others, floating in the air even as electric energy ripples around a pectoral of concentric golden rings around the Idreth's neck.

Elene's withered tongue escapes from the confines of her mouth, wetting her ichored lips.

With but a motion, does the obelus grow in size and clarity, moving before the other Spheres in representation and toward Legyn. So, too, does the symbol fill the emeralds of a pectoral of concentric golden rings around Saidenn's neck and down his paw. "Legyn," He says distinctly, "Ef'tig and you have been bound in affinity. The duality, the dichotomy. Does it represent learning, of intelligence, of pursuits you have set yourself upon and shown yourself capable of conquering." His eyebrow whiskers rise, "What say you, Fellow? Have you, too, gained of this relationship? Do you feel closer to infinity then you did before you started down this path amongst our collective?"

Akaryuterra just thought:
"True enough."

Legyn says, "Duality is how the self knows its surroundings. It pairs with the objects and people around it. Communicates with them. Studies them. Through knowing its surroundings, the self knows itself. It gains context." He holds up the icon of the Malevolent. "Through the Malevolent's teachings, I came to know my weaknesses and how I could overcome them. That is the clearest example of what I've realized, but it is not the only one."

Akaryuterra just thought:
"First time I've heard one've these. Wonder how many've 'em don't have a whole speech planned."

Elene just thought:
This is the first of the Fellows to graduate, Akary.

Legyn says, "Through the Archivium, I discovered my research interests. I came here to study enchantment and learn skills that would have been beyond my research had I remained in Yuzurai, but my sense of self was still incomplete. Here, among the Archivists, the knowledge I sought was given a practical purpose. That is the bond of Ef'tig. How we know others, and how we know ourselves by knowing others."

Elene's chest rises and falls with soft breaths, listening to Legyn's explanation with a tilted ear. She shifts in languid little movements, nodding in approval at the acknowledgement of the Yuef - and a glance is shared towards Volundiel - before it slides over to Saidenn. There is attention paid to the growing obelus, the lingering symbol that defines Legyn. Ef'tig. That much is clear in the explanation that continues to pour forth from him, until it concludes.

Legyn says to Saidenn, "I believe that's enough for now. I'll add my thoughts to the library in writing once they've been better organized. There are implications for magic and Kalsu that... Well, that can wait."

Legyn coughs softly.

Ixi straightens up at the mention of Kalsu, her brassy eyes twinkling.

Akaryuterra's head angles, briefly, toward Elene. After the slightest inquiring tilt of his head, he faces Legyn again. A small nod of acknowledgement to the expressed words.

Conductor Akaryuterra Ryotega Junakutz-Lionheart says to Saidenn, "May I add a small comment?"

With a upheld claw, Saidenn Tetzauh says to Akaryuterra, "Momentarily."

Merek listens, watching pensively from the hood which he wears, with an expression that states all kinds of attention but still seeming to be completely in a world of his own. He smiles in congratulations, not wanting to make noise.

Akaryuterra gives a nod of acknowledgment to the request for patience, soon resuming watching and listening.

Saidenn's eyes briefly find your eyes, then back to Legyn as he listens. Even as the words fall from Legyn's lips does the obelus become infused with the other symbols, growing more complex as they layer and combine, distinct even as they morph into something more. Then do they shrink into a small sphere, and with but a direction does he direct it toward Legyn, and into him does it sink. "So do you take yet another step forward. Toward progress, toward enlightenment." He smiles then, "Step forward, Archivist, and delve into the symphony of the Spheres, and learn all that the Universe as set before you to know."

Legyn steps forward, inclining his head and wings in respect.

You see Saidenn raise his voice and shout, "And so has the Archivium gained a peer. Well done, Legyn. Well done, Archivist."

You see Elene raise her voice and shout, "May Knowledge guide your path, and illuminate the decisions you make, Legyn."

Akaryuterra takes a step toward Legyn, offering a hand to the Idreth. "I would like to offer my sincere congratulations, to acknowledge your passion for the mission before you. While we do not compare ourselves to our peers as a means of competition, we may as a means of further recognizing ourselves, and what we, by contrast offer to the body of Yi. Both that of the guild, that of the city, and that of Sapience as a whole."

-- The ceremony concludes here, and there is a disperse for an enjoyment of fruits and refreshments in the meeting hall. --
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