Wanna be funny like Lin.

I kinda hate this toxic facade of kindness that is attempting to spread around Aetolia again. The kind where people are actually jerks in the mean spirited type of way, but brush it off with 'oh it's a joke' or 'you need thicker skin'. I definitely hate people saying you need thicker skin and then turning around and telling people to be nice. Pick one.

I hate people defending their friends when their friends are out of line, and I really hate defending my friends when they're out of line. It's a shit feeling, and it gives people ammunition to use later, either way. Either my friend was a jerk and I admitted it, or I doubled down on their jerk actions being not jerk actions. Aetolian politics sorta demand that we all do it, and I'm tired of playing that game. Sadly, it's ingrained into the very fabric of Aetolia. From PK to RP to Forum's to Discords. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just players, but this side game extends to the pools. A volunteer could do (and has done) some obscene shit and you'd have people flocking to defend them, doubling down. It's even worse when people double down on themselves. It's even *worse* when you're honest about yourself. People use your anger, justified or not, against you. Especially the justified anger. Tiur has never really wiped our slate clean, he's never made up for lying to me, lying to my friends, shit, he's never even apologized for it. Instead he deflected, using 'he said/she said' and the like to avoid the subject if he wasn't able to ignore entirely. The Liruma war still tilts me, years later. We all tried to handle that like adults on the surface, and it wasn't until 6 months after the war that he finally acknowledged our grief in any way. Most of those players are gone, now. They grew tired of people defending his actions and using our justified outrage against us, defending him, a long time ago. I'm pretty slow, I didn't even realize most of my best friends had left this game.

I kinda hate Lin's post. Super subtle toxicity or poorly timed joke?

I kinda hate a lot of things about Aetolia. Like Lighthouses. Moghedu. Making fights Spirit started 'winnable'. I hate that as obvious as I am with those hates it's still probably a little too obscure.

Really I think I just hate Aetolia.

So, I'll just remove myself for the time being. I hope that everything I hate becomes something positive for the rest of you, cause I'm too damn tired to keep hating this game and almost everything about it.
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  • LinLin Blackbird The Moonglade
    Bulrok said:

    I kinda hate Lin's post. Super subtle toxicity or poorly timed joke?

    We'll chalk it up to bad taste on my part, and a willingness to crack a joke over a willingness to think about the joke for just a sec.

    I'm sincerely sorry if I helped contribute to making Aetolia worse for you.
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