Help Popup Module for Mudlet

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Hey guys,

One of my favorite, and I mean favorite features of Nexus is that, if you look up a help file, it pops up in its own separate window. this makes reading files a snap. Instead of painfully scrolling up while bashing to try and read, you can literally just have a liddle window that overlays over everything and can be moved around at your convenience.

When I first started getting into coding, I really wanted to emulate this feature, but it turns out it's surprisingly tricky to make work. Instead of piping help text into the GMCP table, Nexus instead uses a proprietary GMCP flag to remove the page length limits on generic help files, and then individually copy-pastes each line in the help file into the window and then deletes it from your screen. It's a pain, and a bit goofy, but it works. I gave up on that project then, but came back to it now that I'm better at coding. A year later, I'm like, "Hey, I'm just dangerous enough to copy multiple lines and delete them." And mostly that's because I already had the code in my system to do that, because I shamelessly stole it verbatim from @Lin.

Anyway, if you want it, here it is, a help popup window that's very similar to Nexus. It's actually better in some ways--mainly in that, since it's a UserWindow in Mudlet, you can actually move it all the way off your mudlet main window and completely out of the way. It works with MXP clickables, and I think I got all of the bugs out:

There are a few settings you might want to tweak in the help_grabber script, mainly setBackgroundColor() setting if you have a color other than black as your background (it uses RGBA format), and setWindowWrap() if you find you want it to be narrower or wider to your tastes.

Other than that, I think this should be plug-and-play with any system out there, providing the system in question isn't already scraping command strings for help messages.
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    This is pretty cool, thank you for making it and sharing.
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