Changelog post #1865: Audit addition + Revenant fixes

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Razmael, the Synthesist
Audit addition + Revenant fixes

With these fixes, we no longer have any Revenant skill bugs filed in the system. If you know of a bug you don't see fixed here, please file a bug because it means nobody else already did.

Game additions:
- You can now AUDIT MAXHEALTH and AUDIT MAXMANA to see how those are being calculated.

Revenant fixes:
- Lurk now works.
- Duskosa does shadow damage now.
- Wasi correctly destroys rebounding auras now.
- Hemoclysm works now.
- Extirpate works now.

Revenant typo fixes:
- Fixed Congeal having an extra period after its newline.
- Fixed Phantasms showing messages to wrong person when used in conjunction with Shade.
- Fixed the AB files for Chirography/Manifestation missing the headers and lessons/learned field.
- Fixed Separate's messages.
- Fixed Riving Fell having a space before its ending period.
- Fixed Lawid's message showing numbers instead of names.
- Fixed Doyfo's message showing numbers instead of names.
- Fixed Owinta's message showing numbers instead of names.
- Fixed Jumpcut not having a witness message in some cases.
- Fixed Dirne's message uppercasing the weapon mid sentence.
- Fixed Retrieve's messages being around the wrong way.
- Updated several messages to use lowercase 's' for 'shadow', as we use uppercase to refer to the plane and lowercase for the actual element.
- Fixed the middle Eclipse message to show the target's name.
- Fixed some typos in Eclipse's messages and made some tweaks.

Templar fixes:
- Inline empowering works again.

Templar typo fixes:
- Defend was proccing the Riving version messages and has been fixed.
- Fixed Deliverance's messages being around the wrong way.

Both classes:
- Removed weapon charge colouring from the combat message (it was previously unintentionally affecting only half of the message).

I removed combat messages from some abilities that I noticed didn't originally have them, as this was an intentional design decision. We generally avoid putting combat messages on passive effects. Affected skills:
- Defend/Juxtapose
- Pestilence/Choke
- Purity/Claw
- Redemption/Symbiosis

I didn't go hunting too hard for these, so if there's other passive abilities within Templar/Revenants that now have combat messages attached to their passive effects and didn't before, please let me know.

Penned by my hand on Closday, the 13th of Midsummer, in the year 494 MA.
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    Game additions:

    - You can now AUDIT MAXHEALTH and AUDIT MAXMANA to see how those are being calculated.

    I know this seems like an afterthought compared to the revenant fixes but I'm unreasonably hyped about this LOL
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    Turns out the bug I couldn't fix, that Raz had to come in overtop and fix for me?

    I wrote battlefury when I meant bladefire.

    God, programming frustrates me so much sometimes.
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