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Hi friends.

My name is Brax, and I have a confession: I kinda love writing styles. It all started when Keroc said, "Hey Brax, why don't you do those Sciomancer/Ascendril styles while you're waiting for more mirror class messages to write?" Before I knew it they were done, but then.. I needed more.

And now here we are! While the majority of my online time lately has been spent writing mirror class messages (sorry Order, still love you I swear), every now and then Tiur lets me out of my cave to work on something different. Styles are a nice little change of pace when all you can think about anymore is WHY DO WARHOUNDS HAVE SO MANY TRAITS IT'S LIKE A WHOLE EXTRA SKILLSET TO WRITE DEAR LORD MAKE IT STOP.

I can crank out style messages no problem, but the actual conceptualizing of the style theme itself slows me down a bit. That's where you come in!

Please use this thread to discuss potential new style ideas. If you've been dying for a specific style, here's your chance to get it out there!

Fun part: If I end up using your style idea, I'll give you one free style scroll of that type upon completion.

  • These will be more of a "chip away at this between projects" type deal. I make no promises that this will happen fast if your idea is accepted. No Soon^TM or promised timelines.
  • I can't guarantee where style ideas will be used! Maybe they'll be in a promo, or a holiday event, or something altogether unrelated.
  • I already called dibs on a LOUD style


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    A Companion Style that incorporates an ent name may be impossible, but would rule. Examples being "doggo of the fex bites person's arm" or "your angel boops the enemy on the snoot" etc etc. This might be outside the scope of styles and require too many checks to work, but, hey, maybe it'd be really easy, idfk haha. I always was bummed when classes that got ents could never use them in pve directly, and seeing some flavor that brought them in would rule.
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    Supervillain style all about posing dramatically, evil laughter, and exposition nobody asked for
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    Benedicto said:
    A true @Xavin style that hits any of your allies in the room with you before it hits the target.
    Thought this was @Czcibor xD
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    Petition here to unban @Iazamat so he can suggest epic Tera styles plz.
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    - A passive aggressive style! "You bring your weapon down towards $target, but then decide they really aren't worth the trouble."

    - Styles for each of the cities.

    - Spirit styles for all of the Spirit-aligned classes with Shadow styles for the Shadow-aligned classes.

    - A 'dancer' style? Not dancer, necessarily, but a style that highlights a fluidity and gracefulness of movement.

    - A fancy or 'showoff' style which highlights you adding unnecessary footwork, flips, etc. to an attack
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    Everyone just wants to look stylish. However, what do you think about an unstylish technique scroll? Not every practicing monk is going to look super cool or elegant while he sends a kick and a punch flying, nor is every Knight class going to swing that weapon in those tight, practiced motions. Worse still, although Crux is a simple shape, there are just those who can't concentrate their intent enough to produce the expected effect! They're not clumsy; they're just inelegant creatures. 
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    Dude bul that's sexy as hell
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    A prideful style. Where the first-party message suggests that you're crazy super special awesome at bashing lizards into the dirt, but the third-party message makes it clear that you're a Gildenroy Lockhart through and through.
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    Brax said:


    Welcome to the Carnifex, Cadet. Report to the Keep for your soulstone.

    Also, every god should have a style scroll, and maybe some heretical albedi ones.
    A low, sultry voice resounds within the depths of your mind, "I look forward to seeing your descent."
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    An "aloof" style. Every attack includes a yawn and/or looking off in another after the attack.
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    Let us also appreciate the hard work put forth by farmers. Ceaselessly have they been plowing the land for our ravenous need for comms and plants production. Proletariats, rise up! I present to you with a need for a farming style scroll.

    EDIT: Someone (me) has been reading too much Overgeared.
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    I second asking for style scrolls for all the Gods. The Sylphe and Iosyne ones are so cool! I at least want Ivoln!

    I'd really just like to see current styles fleshed out for all the classes. Let me use Bedrock and Stormy with my bonedagger!

    Oh, and I'd love a Chaos themed one. One that implied you were using energy from the Chaos Plane or one of the Chaos Lords would be awesome.

    Also a 'game' one would be neat, where each attack revolves around various games. Ex: Ascendril channels pure fire into a playing card before hurling it at the enemy. Teradrim smashes enemy with a giant chess piece of solid rock.
    [Insert annoying gif here]
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    Annoying! Kind of like taunting but in a very immature way! That would fit Ayastia perfectly!
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    Archelaus said:

    Also a 'game' one would be neat, where each attack revolves around various games. Ex: Ascendril channels pure fire into a playing card before hurling it at the enemy. Teradrim smashes enemy with a giant chess piece of solid rock.

    I love that idea!
  • FlinnFlinn Member Posts: 12
    Chromatic scrolls for Omei!
    Maybe a lil involved but like a set of them, that involve overwhelming people with the notion of colors and their possible meanings.
    So like

    Chromatic Blue - Shaman

    You conjure a bolt of vivid, impossibly blue lightning to dance beguilingly in your hand, enrapturing (poor shmuck) who screams in uncomprehending agony a moment later as tears well in their eyes.

    That one sucks a lil but I'm just trying to get the idea across.
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