Hobbies: Gaming Updates?

Not sure if this is the right category for this post.

But... was curious about the updates on when the Gaming hobby will be functional?

Already transcendent in gaming and would love to be able to fund my own blackjack games.



  • LinLin Blackbird The Moonglade
    I'm still continually baffled by Gaming - I can't remember the last time I saw something released and priced in such an unfinished state. That its release news post claimed it would be one of the most expensive hobbies because of the sheer amount of work put into it feels like an insult.

    I'm well aware that there are bigger fish to fry. I know the focus is placed on mirror classes and classleads, and those are obviously more important. It would be reassuring to have some kind of signal that Gaming will be fixed, or maybe some means of compensating those of us who read the news post, went "well it's been a year, surely they got it right" and then were burnt when we bought it.
  • I forgot that it even exists.
  • Provisioning says hi
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    @Tiur When you get a moment to not be drowned in mirror class work. I’d love to know about gaming. I think this is hobby is a very good idea.

    AB files are hidden and none of the summon table skills work. The fund pot mechanic isn’t operating either.
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