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I have been trying to get back into enjoying Aetolia again.

Its been a rough real life year, maybe a little rougher for Oriana give my own personal stressors which admittedly leaked into her, on top of her losing Christophe to retirement at the start.

So, I will ask how might Oriana be more approachable?

How can I make her better?

Also, feel free to share anything good/bad whatever as well.

I look forward to the feedback.


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    No one has replied so I'm gonna try and be as... honest but nice as I can. 
    Aya liked Oriana for much of the year. And when that changed, I am willing to admit it was likely as much my own fault. But when a dear friend of hers retired, the reason was 'Oriana'. And you/Oriana have a bit of a reputation as a serial issuer. My immediate reaction was anger and that was not fair to you without hearing your side of it, and for that I do apologize. But since then I have heard from a couple others of similar cases. I'm not trying to bully. I'm not trying to be a unicorn. You asked a question and I am answering it as best I can. I've been staring at this screen for the better part of 45 minutes wondering if I should even type this. But, all in all, it looks like you want to do better, and I am all for second chances. God knows Aya isn't perfect either. I'm... not saying that Aya and Oriana will ever be friends again in game, but if you need to talk or something, my inbox here and in game are open. 
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    You're right with a few things and a few things I'd totally clear in private, especially with the accused "retiring" because of me, and this notion of being a serial issuer  considering in the last year I had 4 issues total. (One was against myself for an artifact, one against the retired, one against Tetchta, and a response to your own issue that was lodged against me.

    I will agree that Aya and Ori will never be friends IG or even really here, mostly due to your posts, about me the player, comments made ect. And its wholeheartedly an OOC reason for me to have Aya on perm ignore for that, and I accept that. I am even leary about responding to this given your open vitriol about me in various posts on the forums and discussions withing the game which came back to Oriana and through her me. Which I'll be honest felt very much like harassment, and was supported by admin when they deleted my response to your posts about how I'd abuse the anonymous rp thing (which I've still never done and won't.. I just don't see the point of needing to hide who you are just to get in an rp session). But you're welcome to explain yourself in private if you want to, I'll answer questions honestly about events you know one side of, which I know I was painted to be the villain of.

    I've basically returned at this point as a shopkeeper. Spending about 99% of my time fishing or doing stuff for my shop, which while it's fun it gets old fast. I have CT off, various people ignored, and barely interact with anyone.

    But, within the last day, someone has awoke a character, interacted with the little fisher-kitty that Ori is, and has accepted her faults and wants to be close to her as a friend, even after I literally was like "You really don't want to be friends with me, everyone hates me and will target you and harass you because you are close to me, because they've done it to everyone that's been close to Ori in the last 2 rl years."

    So if that person sees this, I hope they know they've made Aetolia enjoyable again outside of my gold grinding, so thank you so much! I'm actually excited to log in and see your face on the a WHO.

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    Oriana said:

    even after I literally was like "You really don't want to be friends with me, everyone hates me and will target you and harass you because you are close to me, because they've done it to everyone that's been close to Ori in the last 2 rl years.

    In all fairness, you were the one harassing people who dared to be in the same room a the retired character. I could give specifics, but you're really not worth the time.
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    S P I C Y
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    Nah, I had responded to that snide comment, but he didn't further my desire to grow and be a better person, so I am just gonna ignore it.

    Anyone else have any good, contributing comments?

    Things that actually answer the questions, not trying to instigate or cause drama?

    My inbox is open.
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    Now that I have ignored the trouble maker here on the forums (Thank god for that being a thing).

    Oriana has grown a lot since last year as have I as a player.

    I admitted my faults, some, clearly can not admit theirs, and that is fine, self growth is hard.

    I will just say this, I never made 4 or more alts to involve myself into someone's life, over and over again, and claim to others I wanted nothing to do with said person...

    I keep to myself mostly, so making a post asking how to get our of that rut was just that me asking how to improve myself. Not to have someone that I have never interacted with, at my own choosing because I know WHO they are come on my post and stir the unicorns pot.

    I want to enjoy the game more, I want to make friends that I can say made the world more indulgent and exciting.

    So, if that is a crime, so be it, I am guilty as charged.

    If you want further details regarding anything ask me for my Discord, I will spill the tea and its piping hot.

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    "We're taught Lord Acton's axiom: all power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. I believed that when I started these books, but I don't believe it's always true any more. Power doesn't always corrupt. What I believe is always true about power is that power always reveals. When you have enough power to do what you always wanted to do, then you see what the guy always wanted to do."
    -Robert Caro
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    Oh, I have some steaming tea too and I will bring the cookies as well.
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    Totally unnecessary - Brax
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    Alright guys, come on, let's be better than this. If the comments continue to be vitriolic or drama-filled as they have been, this thread will be closed and temporary bans will be handed out. This isn't the place to air out dirty laundry. Be cool to each other and knock this off. No need to respond to this defending yourself (at anyone commenting), just drop it and move on.
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    Just delete it. I'm tried of the sponsored harassment and censorship for asking someone to leave me alone.

    All I wanted a positive way to improve and was basically harassed and censored and nothing done to the abusers.
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