Oppresive Guilds, Many frills, I do not want. I need help.

SarnidahlarSarnidahlar Member Posts: 2
Prolly wondering bout the rhyme up top. Well i have enjoyed a class very much in the past... but the guild has soured it's memory and i refuse to be part of even a fraction of something similar. I am refering to the carnifex. The Guild has enough bad memories to fill a tractor trailer for me. The class has good memories but nearly all of the guild ones bring me to some point of anger. WHY will it force me into the guild automatically? IF memory serves there are quite ill will against desertion. I wish i could just be a carnifex and not be anyway shape or form be tied to that guild. I can explain further, but for now. There is another problem, i wish to be a part of bloodloch as some of the other cities have memories worse then even the carnifex. So, help me figure out this conumdrum. Please.


  • TetchtaTetchta Member Posts: 465 ✭✭✭✭
    Change your class for the tutorial, join the associated guild (or don't, if you're indorani), ask someone in the Carnifex to give you the class after you meet all the requirements in HELP MULTICLASSING, boom, done. ezpz.
  • SarnidahlarSarnidahlar Member Posts: 2
    didn't think about that, that will work thanks mate
  • TetchtaTetchta Member Posts: 465 ✭✭✭✭
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    You're welcome, Cu--Sarnidahlar.
  • AyastiaAyastia Member Posts: 94 ✭✭
    I'm curious as to what your experiences were. Aya had a less than friendly ending with the guild but still, I love the guild and the time I had in it. But I suppose everyone has different experiences. But yeah, Tetchta gave you the best answer for it. The Carnifex are pretty open in teaching class. I have never seen them charge for it or anything.
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