Little birb's been going out into the world, after all.


  • yay learning
  • Oh, little butterfly bird flower...

    Pieri is enchanting. She manages to come across as sincere and inexperienced in some things while maintaining an air of mystery and whispers of ridiculous potential.

    Your writing style is very unique and distinctive and you never shy away from the abstract which plays so wonderfully within the Omeiian court. Between your descriptions, the usage of props in a scene, and willingness to allow your character to be influenced, you make Pieri an absolute joy to have around. I find that Straid brings Pieri up now and then even during scenes she isn't involved in.

    This character never fails to make an impression or leave you wondering. 

    Much love. 
  • Soft bird fren falcon creature! I dont have a whole lot to add that straid didn't already cover, really, reporting in to also say that the interactions I've had with Pieri so far have been a great time, she's got a lot going on under the surface and its portrayed fantastically. She has a way of leaving a lingering effect, making a lasting impact and wrapping herself up into the world in ways that leaves plenty to use and build on, even for scenes she's not in herself. Use of the environment and the abstract to kick things off or drive them forward is just awesome and I find myself a little intimidated by your storytelling and depth but theres no cure for that but the hair of the dog that bit you, so here's to more interaction in the future!

  • Reboot after LONG sleep.
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