Season's Wishes

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Hi everyone,

It's the holidays (and already been the holidays) for some people, and New Year's coming up. Here's to hoping to a better 2021 than 2020!

I know Aetolia has been a refuge and a distraction for a lot of people this year through some pretty difficult real life situations, and some of the Aetolian community has had to contend with death, illness, loss, grief, and need through it all.

Holidays can be difficult for some people, I know, and yet, the holiday season is also a time for unexpected acts of kindness, reaching out, and cheer that can make this time slightly less dark than it can be. I appreciate those in Aetolia who have done so, for the smallest drop of kindness can be huge this year.

Aetolia is a game, and yet sometimes it can feel more than a game, and we get quite invested, and conflicts and deep enmities arise due to our passion for it, in game and out. For the holidays, I hope we do all remember that we are a community of human beings struggling along on this earth, who, despite our characters and their pasts, can be kind to one another.

Thank you, everyone in Pools, for the work and dedication you've shown to this work of living art that is Aetolia, even during the holiday season. I hope you find rest and for a time some respite from the hard role that is your jobs!

Thank you, Aetolian players, for your passion. I have made deep friends in this game, and I am thankful for that opportunity to get to know people who are important to me. And I hope that however you spend this season, you find joy in it, are able to take a moment to step from conflict and grief, and are able to share what joy you do have to others who may be needing it.

Happy Celesmas. May the season be kind to you, and for those who are working while much of the world rests, you are in my thoughts, and may your work be rewarded a hundredfold, particularly those on the front lines. Here's to a happier new year!

Rebra, a ghost of Celesmas
Some lovely images of Rebra by @Konnorn, Acaisha Buffo, and @Eleanor respectively!

Rebra chibi
Callidora and Rebra
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