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A handy dandy dumping ground for all thoughts, critiques, and- dare I say- praise of Irys.

If you've had a chance to interact with her, let me know what you think!


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    Literally the best character I've roleplayed with since coming back in January. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Irys, from the intentionality of the choices she makes, how she clearly has a planned personality but acts organically in the moment based on what actually happens--an utter joy to Roleplay with. I look forward to each scene I get to interact with her in. She's the gold standard, and a lot of players could learn a lot from this character on how to inhabit and respond to scenes.
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    I enjoy your writing and your dedication to the role.
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    Really, at this point, there’s not much I can say that I haven’t excitedly gabbled at you in an esteem already - but the people deserve to know how awesome you and Irys are, and as your most ardent admirer (fight me Tetch), it is my sworn duty to spread the Good Word.

    First of all - the character. Irys has been a fascinating individual since the first happenstance interaction in the Inn; She has layers upon layers, each as intriguing as the last, and I feel that she’s the sort of character that you never truly know - there’s always something to discover. She is very much her own person, in that way that the best characters are; she lives and breathes and is as real and organic as anyone I’ve ever met. Subtle, complex, and terribly endearing. She’s the most sought after creature in the land for good reason!

    The writer. Man, just. Wow. The sheer passion that you have for writing, for your character and the setting, is humbling. Every emote is an absolute delight to read, every line crafted with care and thought, yet in a way that flows, that feels natural. I get the same feeling reading your writing as I do with the best book - I get impatient to see more, to turn the page and greedily devour the next line, in a way that I will never tire of. Writing with you has been a true privilege and an absolute joy, and I am grateful for every interaction we have. Looking forward to the next one already, as always.
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    Aramaeus said:

    (fight me Tetch)

    Sorry, house rules clearly state no fighting amongst members of the harem allowed.
    Straightening into rigid, militant attention, A division of Bloodlochian soldiers squares its shoulders and crisply salutes you.
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    oh so Irys is hot hot
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    I've had a lot of fun with the small interactions I've had. Someone who finally appreciates Aya's crude sense of humor! 
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    Almol said:
    oh so Irys is hot hot
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