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Hello, as promised on the Sunder Discord...
eta: Make sure if you're using this with sunder, do disable Sunder's gui.

Courtesy (and with permission) of Zulah, in Achaea, I have made his GUI work in Aetolia (may be a hiccup or two, I'm not yet 100% familiar with his code).

This is a suite of prebuilt movable, resizable, saveable, style-able, generally able individual windows. A short display of it can be seen here.
Download is available here.

Right click on the menu bar area of any window to bring up the window options.

Double Click the area highlighted blue in this picture to switch the window back and forth from a userwindow to an adjustable window

If and WHEN you lose a window and can't find it. use zshow

4 Aliases: ZSHOW and ZSTYLE being the most important:

zgui - refreshes the entire gui. Should never need but included.
zguis - Open this alias and change the font sizes you want to use for each window, Then run the alias to update
zshow - Show a window you've closed or can no longer find for some reason.
zstyle - Change the look of the gui, colors, borders, etc

I'd strongly suggest reading through his actual thread here, for more information.

Current Included Windows:

Prompt window
Afflictions (currently not working)
AffLock (also not yet working, soon!)
Target Afflictions (Requires Sunder to function)
Players in Room (Requires Sunder ndb, because it highlights the names. Easily adjustable, though.)
Denizens in Room
Items in Room

Screenshots (from Zulah):

My own setup in Aetolia:



  • AolinAolin Inside a transdimensional bakery
    This is awesome!! Thank you!
  • I want to play with this so bad but I've become so accustomed to the Sunder/Darkside interface. 
  • TiurTiur Producer
    I see Zulah's interface and the sailing things, and immediately was like "PIRACY YAY"
  • Used this as a base for stuff and it's really, really nice. Current setup using Zulah:

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