Might not Light! The Keeper and the 'innocent' Imp...

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(Tells): Wafting, as if on the air, Galilei's velvety voice reaches Ayukazi's ear: "Lady Chaplain?"

(Tells): On a soft, clicking whisper, Ayukazi hisses against Galilei's mind, "Yes?"

(Tells): Wafting, as if on the air, Galilei's velvety voice reaches Ayukazi's ear: "You have not interacted with the Imp prisoner with the suspicious button, yes? I have gained access to his cell by faking getting beaten, fighting for his freedom. I am seeing to gain trust and further information, and I am not learning much."

(Tells): On a soft, clicking whisper, Ayukazi hisses against Galilei's mind, "Are they alert?"

(Tells): Wafting, as if on the air, Galilei's velvety voice reaches Ayukazi's ear: "Yes. I am beginning to think letting him out may be the only way to gaining insight - he will not be baited by anything subtle, and my cover I need to put in effort to maintain."

(Tells): Wafting, as if on the air, Galilei's velvety voice reaches Ayukazi's ear: "As long as someone may tail him, able to apprehend should he break away and attempt something..."

(Tells): Wafting, as if on the air, Galilei's velvety voice reaches Ayukazi's ear: "Someone who is an unknown to him, such as yourself."

(Tells): On a soft, clicking whisper, Ayukazi hisses against Galilei's mind, "Mmm. So you wish that I do not interact with him, but be on call to follow?"

(Tells): Wafting, as if on the air, Galilei's velvety voice reaches your ear: "That you retrieve us both as Chaplain - this one is a thief."

Today is Falsday, the 21st of Midsummer, year 491 of the Midnight Age.

Silent and swift on its eight spider legs, a Chiav patroller strides in from the west.

Ayukazi nods her head at an arachnid Chiav patroller.

You feel a tingle in your mind as Ayukazi's message is broadcast along the Chiav Hivemind:
Chiav, are there any new reports as of late?

(Tells): On a soft, clicking whisper, Ayukazi hisses against Galilei's mind, "I will come to you, then."

Ayukazi calls upon her Nocturn defences and heads off to the prison cells.

You feel a tingle in your mind as Axius's message is broadcast along the Chiav Hivemind:
I'm not of the ones you're directed at. But I will report strange feelings of alien memories not of my own.. and there was a reference to an unknown presence that I could not place before.

(Tells): Wafting, as if on the air, Galilei's velvety voice reaches Ayukazi's ear: "Please retrieve us both, follow him, and be prepared to apprehend."

Western prison cells.

Ayukazi says to an arachnid Chiav patroller, "Report."

Ayukazi says to an arachnid Chiav patroller, in Chiav, "I am going into the cell. Be on alert."

(Tells): Wafting, as if on the air, Galilei's velvety voice reaches Ayukazi's ear: "He is in league with them. I leave it to your discretion whether to keep him alive for questioning."

You feel a tingle in your mind as Axius's message is broadcast along the Chiav Hivemind:
Though I may have misunderstood what I was hearing. It was in reference to Lady Malevolent's voice shrieking in my ears, and irritation in the Virtue's disembodied voice.

You feel a tingle in your mind as @Axius's message is broadcast along the Chiav Hivemind:
I've been trying to take a mental note of all the strange occurrences in regards to this, though my notes are likely highly incomplete. If they're desired.

You open the door to the east.
A bare, stone-walled cell.

"Lady Chaplain - " @Galilei looks up, half her own blood supply hanging as mist. "I knew you'd come! Such - madness... such... weakness, to capture innocents like this... Please, take us someplace safe..."

Ayukazi tilts her head towards an Imp citizen prisoner.
"Are you the one that was calling for the Keeper?"

As soon as the door opens, an Imp citizen prisoner attempts to make a bolt for it - and is promptly spent spinning by Galilei's grasp upon him, twirling about to fall on the ground with an 'oof'. An earring pops out of his cloak, rolling along the ground.

Ayukazi picks up a pair of shadowcrystal drop earrings.

The dark shadowcrystals that comprise these drop earrings have been chosen for their shadowed, smoky hues, the crystals more a deep shade of translucent brown than the expected black. The earrings are simple in composition, little more than hanging drops of smoky crystal.
It can be worn in the following locations:
ears nose lips
It has 109 weeks of usefulness left.
It weighs 2 ounce(s).
It bears the distinctive mark of @Vorlus Nehekhara.

An Imp citizen prisoner narrows his eyes at Ayukazi, the glare fleeting for a heartbeat before it's replaced with wide-eyed innocence. "Yes!" he exclaims, trying to rise to his feet - and still struggling against Galilei's unyielding hold. "My rights are being violated, and the Keeper says everybody is equal, so all these people can't keep being mean to me, I'm INNOCENT."

blinks at an Imp citizen prisoner. As they start panicking, she raises her hand, calling shadows to wrap around the citizen, moving them in slow, rhythmic patterns. "Do not be alarmed." Her whispers start trailing around the room in a calming manner. "Who is being mean to you?"

An Imp citizen prisoner goes motionless as the shadows swirl around him, before renewing his struggle with double the intensity. "EVERYONE! They threw me in here and tried to torture me. Me, a poor, innocent, nice, upstanding, equal civilian. FOR NO REASON."

Galilei attempts to get to her feet with an audibly herculean effort and fails, incidentally increasing her grip upon an Imp citizen prisoner when he stresses his words. Her claws have not yet torn into any flesh.

Ayukazi starts twirling a pair of shadowcrystal drop earrings in her hand.
"Vorlus does have quite the collection of wares. Exquisite taste you have." Her eyes gaze into the citizen's own despite the shadows. "Do you shop there often?" the Nocturn says casually.

You sense Rhyot in the realm.

(Bloodloch): Rhyot says, "Shadows greet you, Bloodloch."

(Tells): Rhyot tells Ayukazi, "Hi."

"Those aren't mine, she dropped them when she was thrown in here too," an Imp citizen prisoner says, eyes shifting carefully to regard Galilei before returning to Ayukazi.

Now that an Imp citizen prisoner is held by Ayukazi's shadows rather than Galilei's grip, the Imp smiles.
"You know, Overlord, she was being awfully suspicious. Two upstanding citizens of Bloodloch had to beat her and throw her in here. I could tell you all about her misdeeds - just let me out of this cell first."

"He was... *keeping them safe* for me, it seems,"
Galilei murmurs, looking only at Ayukazi, "He kept... a button he found... safe, too... despite it not being his. I don't know what I have done to deserve this, Lady Chaplain...!"

(Tells): On a soft, clicking whisper, Ayukazi hisses against Rhyot's mind, "Hi. Can you do me a favor and stand at the western prison cells? I have a feeling this prisoner wants to speak with you on their... injustices."

(Tells): Rhyot tells you, "Of course."

Ayukazi simply glances at Galilei. "Ah, she walks my path in the guild. She too has exquisite taste, and is also one I would trust." Nodding, she simply wills the citizen's movements closer to the door. "Squire, you two come with me. This must be a misunderstanding." Her senses perk up, as she gazes her attention back onto the citizen. "Would you like to speak to the Keeper?"

As more and more people get involved, a sigh escapes an Imp citizen prisoner. The irritation only lasts for a second however. "Sure," he says unconvincingly. "But let me go for a walk first. Haven't had a chance to stretch my legs in weeks."

Galilei finally frees the back of the Imp's knee, but only to hold onto an Imp citizen prisoner arm 'gratefully' immediately after. She lets herself be pulled up, still looking trustingly at Ayukazi all the while.

Galilei begins to follow Ayukazi.

Shadows intertwine against the earthen stones, darkening the area before blending within.

Ayukazi nods and releases her shadowy grasp on the Imp. With that, she opens the door, taking one step out to lead the two innocent captors out.

(Carnifex): Medeya, the gatewarden says, "Increase patrols and security protocols are in effect until further notice. Check your back for tails before entering the Redoubt or the Keep. Bell tattoos and SOUL PRESENCES are mandatory until further notice."

(Tells): On a soft, clicking whisper, you hiss against Rhyot's mind, "Prisoner is going to book it. Be ready to follow. It is under the impression everyone is being mean to it, and it had upon its body a pair of what I would call stolen earrings."

@Rhyot begins to follow Ayukazi.

Movements unnatural and suspicious, a cloaked figure enters from the east.

A loud and angry moaning fills the halls.

Rhyot eyes an Imp citizen prisoner, giving him the once over.

Rhyot says to an Imp citizen prisoner,
"Enjoy your nap?"

an Imp citizen prisoner says hastily, promptly pivoting to move south, words coming out in a rushed jumble. "OverlordsaidIcouldtakeawalk."

Ayukazi says to an Imp citizen prisoner, "Freedom to stretch your legs. Isn't that better?"

Movements unnatural and suspicious, a cloaked figure leaves to the south.

Rhyot leaves to the south.
He is followed by a disease-ridden direwolf.

Rhyot grabs the citizen by the back of their cloak. "No."

Galilei trails after the Imp, still tattered save for the grip on an Imp citizen prisoner arm.

Ayukazi follows effortlessly, taking slower strides.

An Imp citizen prisoner doesn't get very far. "Hey she said I could go for a walk!" he protests indignantly. "I'm not feeling very equal right now."

Ayukazi say to Rhyot, "These two were unjustly thrown into the prison cell with no evidence of wrongdoing, Keeper."

Rhyot nods his head. "A walk you may have, however I have questions."

Murmuring, Galilei says, "He even took my earrings to keep them safe in his cloak before I could ever ask him to. Does that not vouch for his good character?"

Deep, guttural chants bellow forth from deep below the city's streets.

Rhyot keeps a grip upon the cloak of the Imp citizen prisoner.
"Before you fell unconscious, you were found with a button with the inscription of MnL. Where or who did you get this from?"

An Imp citizen prisoner doesn't stop struggling to move, even as he pretends to cooperate. "It's not mine. I found it," he says, automatically at this point.

Helpfully, Galilei says,
"At the library, or the market."

Rhyot raises an eyebrow. "Found it -where-, exactly?"

Ayukazi nods at Galilei. "I am horrid at keeping an eye on jewelry. Perhaps you hold those for now?"

An Imp citizen prisoner jerks his thumb at Galilei, legs still pumping uselessly against his holds. "What she said."

Galilei looks to an Imp citizen prisoner, dark eyes wide and hopeful, then eagerly accepts the earrings from Ayukazi with her free hand.

Ayukazi begins to manipulate shadows around an Imp citizen prisoner in a soothing manner again.
"We just want to help you."

Deciding the Imp may feel crowded, Ayukazi heads back north to speak to the guards. After no response, she returns.

Rhyot raises an eyebrow at that,
"Why would Lucisa capture people when she has been loyal to Bloodloch for years?"

(Tells): In Chiav, Ayukazi tells Rhyot, "...what?"

(Carnifex): Tetchta says, "Keep."

(Bloodloch): @Tetchta says, "Bloodloch."

(Tells): Rhyot tells Ayukazi, "He is accusing Lucisa of being a traitor and capturing citizens."

"Ask her," an Imp citizen prisoner retorts grumpily. "But don't bring me there, I don't wanna be noticed, they'll put me on the next shipment to -".

Ayukazi blinks as the sentence falls off.

Galilei just thought:
He is only a sympathizer, then?

"... - wherever all these people are being taken," an Imp citizen prisoner stumbles through the pause. He redoubles his efforts to get free.

(Tells): In Chiav, Ayukazi tells Rhyot, "He knows where. He just covered."

Ayukazi sinks back into the shadows, allowing them to engulf her form into nothing but a barely seen figure.

Rhyot growls as a clawed hand wraps around the throat of an Imp citizen prisoner, but not gripping enough to cause a lack of speaking or an inability to breathe.
"Speak now and speak true... or so help me I will run my Chaos abilities through your veins. Or better yet, I will get Ser Tetchta over here to get information from you. Where are the shipments going? And where is Avrax, Fesina, and my other citizens?"

Galilei's own grip has lifted from an Imp citizen prisoner, though he'd be hard-pressed to notice that. Her presence withdraws into the privacy of the shadows for a time, likely to allow her body to reform. You doubt she will draw much notice when she rises again.

(Tells): On a soft, clicking whisper, Ayukazi hisses against Galilei's mind, "Wise."

An Imp citizen prisoner squeals as he is lifted by the Keeper. "You can't do this!" he gurgles through the choke. "I'm an upstanding, equal citizen!"

Rhyot uses his free hand to lower his hood, revealing cold red eyes of someone not to be trifled with. "I am the Keeper and you've given out more information than you intended. Now TALK because I promise you... once you are mentioned to the Carnifex Knights, then I doubt you'd enjoy living after that. They've taken a rather supreme offense at their Soldiers being captured."

A figure wrapped in darkness intones within the shadows, "Oh but he can. According to Article I, Section I of the Bloodloch Laws, 'The Keeper and Overlords may attack and kill ANY citizen at ANY time for ANY reason deemed appropriate, or call upon another of their choosing to do so in their name. The same applies to city allies within the city boundaries.' I would do what he says, Imp."

"Okay, okay, okay,"
an Imp citizen prisoner chokes out. "I don't know much, I'm new. They just gave me a code, RWGB, just that, and I'm supposed to take that and -" with that, the stress proves too much for the Imp, who promptly faints again.

Rhyot growls menacingly.

Sighing, Galilei says,
"Not again."

Blood drips from Ayukazi's gown, pooling in the room around her feet.

A figure wrapped in darkness hisses vehemently. After a few moments, she reveals herself once more. "RWGB. Red, white, green, blue?"

Rhyot growls as a crackle of chaos magic surrounds his body before he sends a course of chaos lightning through the Imp's body, just enough to shock him awake. "Wake up."

The Imp remains passed out, whatever force possessing him spent for the time being. But he is still alive and will surely be awake at some point again later.

Rhyot keeps a firm grip as he takes the citizen back to the cells.

Ayukazi heads back to the cells.

Ayukazi says,
"Guards, alert."

Ayukazi says to a colossal Teradrim guard, "We need to return this prisoner to the cells for now."

Rhyot looks to each of the guards, "This imp is not to be let out of their cell for ANY reason. Understood?"

A colossal Teradrim guard accepts the limp form of the Imp. The guard unlocks the door before unceremoniously tossing the unconscious prisoner into the cell, locking the cell once more. "Understood, Keeper."

Rhyot glares as the imp is thrown into the cell. "If he so much as flinches, inform me or an Overlord immediately. If anyone who is not an Overlord comes to see him, inform me or an Overlord immediately. No one, and I mean no one, but an Overlord will see to this imp."

Rhyot growls menacingly.

Galilei says,
"Understood, Keeper."

Rhyot says, "Am I understood, Teradrim?"

Galilei just thought:
No more failed interrogations, ahh.

Today is Falsday, the 21st of Midsummer, year 491 of the Midnight Age.
Your innate calendar sense tells you it is summer.

Galilei just thought:
Well. Almost-failed.

A colossal Teradrim guard nods his head emphatically.

Ayukazi says to Galilei,
"Thank you for bringing this to my attention."

Rhyot narrows his eyes as his chaos magic crackles and swirls around him, nodding towards the colossal Teradrim guard. "Your service is commendable and appreciated. Keep me informed of his.... activity."

Rhyot inclines his head politely to those around him.

A colossal Teradrim guard's attention drifts, returning to their usual tasks.

Galilei says to Ayukazi,
"I am happy I did, Lady Chaplain."

Rhyot just thought:

Galilei finally dons the stolen earrings once again, appearing faintly disgruntled.

Ayukazi gazes at Galilei, noting her expressions.
"Safe keeping, Squire?"

(Tells): Agony wracks Ayukazi for an instant as Iosyne's words bestow the gift of Pain upon her, "General. I have something for you."

"Safer keeping without the Imp." The wide-eyed, faithful act has long since dropped, though Galilei's answer only cements it. "I am reasonably sure he would have robbed me of my wedding ring as well."

Ayukazi blinks. "If you will excuse me, I must meet with Someone."

Straightening into rigid, militant attention, Galilei squares her shoulders and crisply salutes Ayukazi.

Rhyot brings his hood back up to cover his facial features and eyes, though a hint of something else other than impassiveness gleams in his eyes.
"Mmm. This imp will give us all the information they know."

Rhyot inclines his head politely to those around him.
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