Player Wanted

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Hello! I am currently seeking a player for Stine's daughter.

Comes with the no brainer lesson packages as well as the bound credit package to help get started.

Having been raised outside of the four major cities, where she starts and how she progresses is up to the player.

Things to note:
o Stine is currently the leader of Duiran and his wife is a leader of Enorian/leader of the Templar, this places them firmly on the Spirit side.
- Choosing to go Shadow is still an option, however it may likely come with less overall interaction.
o The kid was not raised by Stine, more backstory available when we chat.
o She will be around 23-24 right now, her birthday is up for change as long as its within 467MA.

Both her father and mother are/were Human, descriptions of both are also available.

What am I looking for? Someone who enjoys RPing above purely mechanical pursuits and rankings.

Feel free to reach out in game via message or web, or directly on discord Silas#6722.
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