More murder! Bloodloch's underlying unrest - fear or something darker

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(Bloodloch): Officer Tydelius says, "What -."

Ayukazi uses Relic Translocator.

Ayukazi instinctively makes haste the Bloodloch Constabulary.

(Bloodloch): Officer Tydelius says, "Enemy at the Constabulary."

Bloodloch Constabulary.
--- Area 88: Bloodloch ------------ v8007 ---
| |
-[ ]-[ ] [ ] [ ]
| \ / /
[ ] [ ] [ ]-[ ]-[ ] [ ]
/ \ | / \
[ ] [ ]- - -[ ]- - -[ ] [ ]
/ | | \ /
-[ ] [+] [<] [>] | [<]
| | |
[^]-[B] [ ]-[ ]-[_]


--- Bloodloch Constabulary ------- 5:-4:0 ---
Standing at crisp, military attention, Officer Tydelius is here. Inviting closer inspection, a monument of bone displays an informative plaque. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. A glowing red flame-shaped sigil has been left here. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. Torn into bloody pieces, a cloaked figure lies dead here. An arachnid Chiav patroller is here, creeping about the passage silently. Gyana is here.
You see a single exit leading north.

[HINT]: Officer Tydelius seems particularly alert.
This former Praenomen guard still wears his trademark chilling demeanor, pale skin stretched tautly over bone and muscles. Long white fangs hang over his bottom lip, glistening with a feral snarl. In place of the uniform of the Bloodloch guards, this vampire is afforded the rank of officer, and wears a crisp black officer's coat trimmed in red and gold to denote his status. Gleaming under any available light near his wrists are some rather expensive-looking cufflinks, marked with the crest of the Dominion.
Officer Tydelius looks weak and feeble.
He is undead.
He carries over ten weeks of survival experience.
He weighs about 137 pound(s).
He is loyal to the City of Bloodloch.

@Rhyot arrives from the north.

@Gyana asks, "What's going on here?"

Ayukazi says to Officer Tydelius, "Report."

Malkariaz arrives from the north.

Rhyot raises an eyebrow questioningly.

Azarae arrives from the north.

Rhyot says, "I've not heard of this language."

Officer Tydelius stands bloodied, the crimson substance coating hands and fangs alike. He gives the corpse of a translucent figure a kick with his boot. "That one tried to attack me."

Torn into bloody pieces, a cloaked figure lies dead here.
He is undead.

Ayukazi searches the corpse, uncovering a folded letter hidden in the cloak. The text reads:

A Chiav patroller leaves to the north at a slow pace.

Straightening into rigid, militant attention, A nightmarish figure squares her shoulders and crisply salutes Ayukazi.

@Vharen arrives from the north.

Gyana says, "Another letter."

Ayukazi says to a nightmarish figure, "At ease."

Rhyot says, "It's a puzzle."

A nightmarish figure relaxes her posture.

"Ewwwwwwwww!" says Vharen in disgust.

@Zenobia arrives from the north.

Blinking at the corpse, Gyana says, "A puzzle hidden in a letter. Odd. Intriguing. Mostly unnecessary."

Rhyot says, "At most, we have a letter with an encrypted message."

Rhyot says to Officer Tydelius, "Did the figure say anything before he attacked?"

"Mmmm..." Rhyot softly utters.

Ayukazi says, "We did see a figure slip away near the lava pool. This may have been the one."

Gyana asks, "Ah, the one that dashed about?"

Officer Tydelius retrieves a handkerchief from within his crisp uniform. In stark contrast to the seeming ferocity with which he tore his attacker apart, the officer is careful wiping the bloodied remnants off his mouth and hands. Finished, he folds the soiled handkerchief carefully, bloodied side inside, and returns it into his uniform. "Caught me offguard, Keeper, as I was studying the list of criminals. Came from behind and tried to grab me. Didn't say anything."

Ayukazi says, "Yes."

A nightmarish figure chews thoughtfully on her lip.

Azarae leaves to the north.

Azarae arrives from the north.

Gyana asks, "Another attempted kidnapping? Or murder?"

(Tells): In the back of her mind, Ayukazi hears @Azarae saying to her, "It was not the one we saw in the lava pool earlier, Lady Ayukazi, he is still there. Had to make sure."

Ayukazi says, "One has to wonder if the message or messages got to the intended target."

"Shoddy effort either way," scoffs Officer Tydelius. The Officer of the Dominion bends down over the body, turning it over. "Not a warrior, this one."

Zenobia says, "Maybe killing off ones they can't pay off?"

Rhyot says to Officer Tydelius, "You've done well to eliminate and inform of where the intruder was."

Rhyot tilts his head curiously at Officer Tydelius.

Officer Tydelius reaches a pale hand over, pulling down the hood covering the face of his would-be attacker. Furry Rajamalan features stare back, lifeless. "Seen him about the city. Civilian."

A rituos consanguine slips in from the north.

Gyana glances at Officer Tydelius, blinking, then looks back down at the corpse of a cloaked Rajamalan figure. "Xorani. Grook. Rajamalan."

A nightmarish figure says to Ayukazi, "Perhaps a list of potential targets, Lady Ayukazi? If it was a messenger or scout, it is odd that they would attack before delivering it. Also, if there was only one, I suspect they would had incinerated the message rather than run around with it."

Rhyot stares down at the now deceased citizen, his eyes narrowing as he begins tapping against his leg. "So both guards and average citizens have developed a sense of unrest, to the point they feel the need to betray the city."

Ayukazi shakes her head. "What was the one that got impaled at the West Gate?"

Officer Tydelius straightens from his perch, raising an eyebrow at Gyana. "Xorani, Grook, Your Grace?" he questions.

Gyana gives Officer Tydelius her attention once again, nodding. "The different citizens I've found thus far. An undead Xorani. A still-unmurdered Grook citizen. Now this one is Rajamalan."

Gyana says, "A Rajamalan who is also undead."

Ayukazi looks over to Officer Tydelius, taking note of the interest. "Xorani was slain. Grook feared their neighbor was abducted. This Rajamalan was an accomplice to the crimes."

"We have many citizens," Officer Tydelius replies quizzically, eyebrow still arched. After a moment's consideration, the Consanguine nods. "Most know better than to get in the way. But perhaps fear - or something darker - drives some to further action."

Zenobia ponders the situation.

"Mmmm..." Rhyot softly utters.

Gyana tilts her head. "Oh, I wonder if this has something to do with Hovalai as well?"

Zenobia says, "Well then that would be a question that may need asking, what would be scary enough to make undead or citizen's behave so."

Rhyot says, "Hovalai?"

Ayukazi lowers her eyes to slits. "'Might not Light' is not an act of fear. This is deliberate planning."

Zenobia nods her head at Ayukazi, showing her acceptance.

Zenobia says, "The posters, tapestries etc do not appear out of nowhere and take time to craft."

Zenobia rolls her barbell along teeth.

Officer Tydelius clears his throat. "Fear of their peers disappearing, Overlord," he returns at Ayukazi, tone neutral yet polite. "The city stinks of it. Innocents...well, as innocent as anyone in Bloodloch can be."

Gyana says to Rhyot, "I'd been talking to Elene about the slaves who were freed. General Hovalai was in charge of them and openly expressed hatred toward Overlord Callidora. To be fair, he didn't seem to be happy with any of the Consanguine present. Then there was Usham, another undead, I believe, who seemed fairly displeased with us as well. May or may not be relevant. Just thought all this hate was interesting."

Rhyot narrows his eyes slightly, "Innocence is subjective, at best. Though the citizens being captured and others going missing that even we might not be aware of... that is something none of us can or should stand for." He picks up the encrypted letter from the corpse of a cloaked Rajamalan figure to look at it more closely. "We need to decode this letter though."

Ayukazi steps closer to the corpse of a cloaked Rajamalan figure, her massive wings of shadow flattening around her to form into a cape. "If they are now attacking Officers, this means they may be getting sloppy. It would be better to send a trained warrior against an Officer. This... this alone..." Letting her words fall, she steps away. Eyes set on something unseen, shadows begin to conceal her presence.

Zenobia nods her head and says, "Aye."

Gyana smiles at Officer Tydelius. "Thank you for bringing this to our attention so quickly, Officer."

Malkariaz drops the corpse of a skittering onyx eld.
Malkariaz drops the corpse of a skittering onyx eld.

Rhyot shrugs his shoulders, "They are either getting sloppy, or getting more confident. Either one could be the reason to attack an Officer."

"They grow bolder," Officer Tydelius nods with Ayukazi and Rhyot's assessment. "Or perhaps more desperate." He inclines his head to Gyana. "Obliged, Your Grace."

Officer Tydelius says, "Should they attempt to do so again, I will try to leave enough of them about for you to question."

Ayukazi nods at Officer Tydelius. "Perhaps boldness comes from desperation to see through to the cause."

Vharen says, "Oh, that's an easy wittle puzzle!"

The soft sparkle of tittering laughter issues from Vharen as he covers his mouth, eyes unable to hide the amusement.

Rhyot raises an eyebrow at Vharen.

Entirely too at ease, Gyana says to Vharen, "Ah, quite excellent!"

Vharen says, "Just wiggle the letters about! They might be desperate. Says they want to delay a month."

Vharen says, "I'm terrible at waiting though! So I'll go do something more fun now."

Zenobia asks, "If they want to delay ... why go after Tydelius here?"

Vharen twirls about, spinning on his foot.

Vharen waves goodbye.

Vharen leaves to the north.

"Perhaps they wished to bolster whatever it is they are abducting citizens for," Officer Tydelius shrugs. "Perhaps their successes have emboldened them to aim higher." He smooths out the wrinkles in his uniform, carefully adjusting his cufflinks. "A sloppy cipher. The first was not even obscured. This tells us something."

Ayukazi obscures herself from casual observation, becoming a figure wrapped in darkness.

A nightmarish figure says, "Sloppy or deliberate."

It is now midnight on Kinsday, the 18th of Khepary, year 491 of the Midnight Age.

(Bloodloch): A humble bellman says, "Midnight is upon us."

Ayukazi says to a nightmarish figure, "Perhaps."

"Mmmm..." Rhyot softly utters.

A nightmarish figure says, "I'm going to patrol incase this was a means of a distraction."

Straightening into rigid, militant attention, A nightmarish figure squares her shoulders and crisply salutes Ayukazi.

Rhyot says, "According to someone skilled in Ylemnics...."

Gyana maintains a wide and easy smile throughout the proceedings, hands twining together.

Rhyot says, "Too many eyes about. We are being watched. Delay the date to next month."

With a cheerful tone, Gyana says, "Wonderful!"

Rhyot says to Officer Tydelius, "Are there any markings or other signifying features that might be on this individual to denote their allegiance to a specific group?"

Officer Tydelius sucks noisily on his teeth. "Appreciated, Keeper, but Arch Duke Vharen informed of its contents many minutes ago. Before he left with a...twirl." A look of annoyance crosses the Consanguine's face at that, but he does not give voice to his displeasure. "It seems likely that this is an operation of mostly amateurs." His eyebrows raise again as he regards Gyana. "The civilians and denizens that are so rarely noticed."

Rhyot ponders the situation.

A figure wrapped in darkness says, "But with enough of them..."

Gyana says to Officer Tydelius, "Ah, that makes sense. Can you imagine -- a group of individuals who go unnoticed and unheard, listening to those of the city constantly joking and squabbling about which leader does the most or who has more power or which person is more useful? No wonder the Grook left, uncomfortable. It's something they experience enough to be discomforted by."

Gyana says, "And no wonder they seek to point fingers at the Council, really. It's been the talk of the city for weeks. An easy target."

A figure wrapped in darkness says to Gyana, "I can imagine many of our citizens can empathize."

Rhyot nods his head at a figure wrapped in darkness.

Gyana says to a figure wrapped in darkness, "Indeed! I -do- empathize."

A figure wrapped in darkness nods their head at Gyana.

A figure wrapped in darkness says to Gyana, "Exactly."

"Mmmm..." Rhyot softly utters.

Officer Tydelius shrugs carelessly. "They are not granted the right to vote. Their discomforts are hardly notable." With that, the Consanguine turns back to the bounty board. Beside the larger feature, currently with no bounties set for claim, is a smaller fixture, almost out of sight. "Keeper. Overlords. I must return to my duty." A quill joins his hand as he resumes writing the crimes and incidences of the other denizens of the city. Theft, break-ins, fights. A murder or two. Littering.

Gyana nods her head at Officer Tydelius.

@Ishmar arrives from the north.

Ishmar says, "Eld again..."

Gyana says to Ishmar, "Ah, I believe that was left over by someone who was present."

Ishmar says to Zenobia, "Can you read what's written on it?"

Officer Tydelius abruptly stops writing as something clicks. He clears his throat, turning back to Rhyot.

Zenobia says to Ishmar, "Its a cypher and was figured out."

Comprehension flashes across Ishmar's face.

Gyana looks curiously at Officer Tydelius.

Ishmar nods to Officer Tydelius.

Officer Tydelius says, "Keeper. It occurs to me - it does not make sense to wait for caution's sake alone, even as security grows stricter and stricter. I would be on the look out for some new initiative coming to fruition. Something they seem to think is worth delaying for."

Rhyot says, "I do not believe it's a delay."

With that, Officer Tydelius returns once more to his duties.

Officer Tydelius's attention drifts, returning to their usual tasks.


  • If it's so easy a battle himbo can figure it out, it's sus.

  • This is actually the beginning of what led to this log. Behold, the tapestry in question and what started this Sherlock Holme'ing.

    Massive as the tapestry is, this work takes a figure obscured by a cloak quite a long while, labouring to drape the massive thing across the West Gate.

    [Here is where Elene arrives at Bloodloch West Gate.]

    Caught, a figure obscured by a cloak suddenly begins to sprint east.

    Elene stretches out a scarred hand to catch a figure obscured by a cloak.

    You say, "Hold."

    With swift steps, Elene approaches the fleeing figure, her codex at the ready as she advances upon a figure obscured by a cloak.

    [At this point, Elene raised two icewalls, one east and one west.]

    Jarrhn raises the gravity of the figure to impede escape.

    A figure obscured by a cloak promptly runs into the wall of ice, rebounding harshly against it. It turns, back against the wall. "It is only the truth! OPEN YOUR EYES!" comes a raspy yet passionate voice.

    Neoma peers at a figure obscured by a cloak suspiciously.

    Jarrhn Lunare says, "Those are some curious allegations."

    The coolness of the ice wall radiates off the surface into the surroundings. Elene's scarred hand firmly grasps a shoulder of the cloaked figure, slamming him back against the impediment as the other one flips a gem-lined banded shield back unto her frame, before stretching out for the cloak hood, intent on revealing the man's features.

    Jarrhn Lunare says to a figure obscured by a cloak, "Who created the tapestry and how do they verify their truths?"

    Elene glances back at a massive tapestry accusing Bloodloch's ruling council of treason hung upon the West Gate cavern walls, her attention momentarily drawn to the words upon it as she uses her body to block any egress by a figure obscured by a cloak.

    A figure obscured by a cloak points a hand at a massive tapestry accusing Bloodloch's ruling council of treason, spittle flying from its lips as it shouts. "They have SOLD YOU OUT. Don't fall for their lies." A grunt escapes the figure as it crunches against the wall, struggling against your hold. The hood falls back, revealing an undead Human, face pockmarked with scars.

    Empress Neoma Nehekhara, the Relentless says to a figure obscured by a cloak, "We could take you to our torture chambers."

    Empress Neoma Nehekhara, the Relentless says to a figure obscured by a cloak, "Maybe you would be more forthcoming."

    With a wry grin, Jarrhn says, "Perhaps you should take a seat." With a gesture of his hand, the singularity seems to increase the gravity imposed on the cloaked figure. "Or, we could see how he does under the pressure."

    "Shut up," Elene speaks, drawing her hand back to backhand a figure obscured by a cloak across the face. The woman's singular gaze reveals no emotion, only cruel, calculating intent. The woman now lets the man go, quite content with Jarrhn's management over the gravity of the area. "I'm content to start the interrogation now."

    A figure obscured by a cloak glances around wide-eyed, still struggling against his position against the icewall. He spits at Neoma, face twisted with manic contempt. "So you are one of them! ANOTHER WORSHIPER OF DAMARIEL!"

    A figure obscured by a cloak's head snaps at the slap. His eyes widen before he abruptly stills, a smile replacing his struggle. He seems at peace, accepting his fate. "For Bloodloch," he whispers.

    A stalagmite erupts from the ground, impaling a figure obscured by a cloak straight through the gut. The man slumps forward, a twisted smile still on his face.

    You say to Neoma, "Does he serve as an eligible candidate for raising as an undead minion?"

    The obscuring hood fallen from his head, this undead Human's face bears the scars of a cutthroat life, his crooked nose oft-broken.

    You search the body, probing for clues. The investigation eventually uncovers a pristine diploma from the Academy of Bloodloch, the treasured possession tucked carefully into a pocket in the corpse's cloak.

    Jarrhn Lunare says, "That's curious. He's clearly able to use the teradrim abilities."

    Approaching from the west, Architect Saidenn says, "Was there a reason for a wall blocking the way?"

    Scratching his chin in thought, Jarrhn says, "How would you say that he picked those up? Not to be all conspiracy theorist, but could he have ties to the guild?" He tilts his head curiously at the impaled corpse.

    Jarrhn Lunare says to Saidenn, "He was attempting to run."

    Jarrhn Lunare says to Saidenn, "I had him pinned under the gravity though."

    Careful in her investigation of the corpse of a figure obscured by a cloak, Elene does not immediately respond. After a moment however, her voice sounds, "The man possesses a diploma from the Academy of Bloodloch."

    Gesturing up at the tapestry, Jarrhn says to Saidenn, "He was intent on hanging up those allegations."

    Empress Neoma Nehekhara, the Relentless says, "I found it in his inner pocket, was it Bloodlochian?"

    You say to Saidenn, "Jarrhn witnessed this figure hanging this tapestry here, and I arrived to stop his escape."

    Elene unfurls her own a pristine diploma from the Academy of Bloodloch, staring at it and comparing silently.

    Saidenn blinks as he listens, then looks down to the corpses, then to the posters and tapestry. His ears flick forward with a soft peal of silver. He listens to Jarrhn, "I see," He purrs, approaching the corpse of a figure obscured by a cloak after slipping off of a giant, black-furred wolf.

    You say to Saidenn, "Give it a second look, Saidenn. Make sure I am not missing things."

    Jarrhn Lunare says to Khsar, "The figure here was hanging it up and hoping that I wasn't paying attention it would seem."

    You say to Neoma, "He has Teradrim powers, like Jarrhn mentioned, and a diploma from the Academy. Is it something spurred by the teachers, perhaps?"

    Jarrhn Lunare says, "Should probably take note of what the tapestry says, before Tetchta comes back with the mushroom sigils."

    Saidenn approaches the corpse of a figure obscured by a cloak more closely, haven taken note of the stalagmite that had taken its time in receding. "Interesting." He murmurs, his voice low. He pulls the cloak off completely with a gentle motion, attempting to find any hidden pockets within the garment.

    Empress Neoma Nehekhara, the Relentless says to you, "But to what purpose?"

    Architect Saidenn says, "There may be something to gleam from studying the posters themselves, if they can be pulled down. Ink used, writing style, the parchment itself."

    A colossal Teradrim guard studies the fallen corpse before speaking, its voice sonorous as the Earth. "This one does not carry Father's gift."

    Jarrhn Lunare says, "We weren't sure about who was hanging the posters. Though I've witnessed the figure once before doing it. I missed catching him though."

    Her voice a silken caress, you say, "There must be a group behind this."

    Empress Neoma Nehekhara, the Relentless says, "Agreed, this sorry individual could not do this alone, he was but the pawn sent out."

    Jarrhn Lunare says, "There were a set before them that Tetchta destroyed."

    "How curious, however," Elene murmurs, "Someone killed this figure since he was caught, so that he would not be able to spill any secrets."

    Jarrhn Lunare says, "Did someone, or did he kill himself to avoid the torture."

    You say to a colossal Teradrim guard, "Earlier, was there any indication that someone was drawing from the powers of the Earth from nearby or afar?"

    Jarrhn Lunare says, "Which in itself was antithesis to what he was attempting to do. You would think they would reveal themselves if they were intent on exposing the "truth"."

    Saidenn listens to the exchange between a colossal Teradrim guard and the others, his attention remaining upon the corpse of a figure obscured by a cloak. He lifts one hand, checking the fingers in turn, the soft peal of bells rippling away from his tail with its twitches.

    A colossal Teradrim guard shakes his head at Jarrhn with a grunt that reverberates through his massive frame. "He does not carry the power of Terramancy." "I did not sense anything."

    Jarrhn Lunare says, "He seemed to know he was going to die though."

    Empress Neoma Nehekhara, the Relentless says, "Perhaps only pretending to be Teradrim to throw us off its true nature."

    Architect Saidenn says, "He is undead, no? Is there a possibility he has risen again in a nearby graveyard?"

    Empress Neoma Nehekhara, the Relentless says to a domineering Carnifex knight, "Anything else you can tell us about this."

    Saidenn unsheathes a single claw as he turns the head of the corpse of a figure obscured by a cloak to ensure it is resting flat on the ground. He then carefully draws a pentagon, within which he etches an obelus, not seeming to care at marking the undead skin. Once done, he leans back some into a kneel, closing his eyes to focus.

    "Just what is before your eyes," a domineering Carnifex knight responds gruffly, armour creaking as he steps away back to his post. "If the situations are connected, it is unlikely this miscreant acted alone."

    Empress Neoma Nehekhara, the Relentless says to you, "This knight was telling us that the people disappearing in the city are connected to this tapestry."

    A domineering Carnifex knight says, "Lucisa delivered a report to the Commander, of citizens disappearing across the city. They seemed to think these posters may be connected."

    Without opening his eyes, Architect Saidenn says, "Being Undead, young, and without the gift of Terramancy, it may be inferred that whoever is leading this is recruiting from near the Academy, meaning they are aware of those joining the city and are likely operating within the city."

    "I'll have a conversation with the Commander, and let her know about this," Elene says. The woman's posture is sharp, her gaze raking across the area as she asks Saidenn now. "What can you discern?"

    "We are tasked with watching for invaders coming in to Bloodloch," a colossal Teradrim guard says. He gestures to the guards at their various posts - all concentrated on the steady stream of traffic rolling into the city. "Not so much the gates themselves. They have been quick and stealthy before today."

    "You there. Knight," Elene begins, tugging upon the corpse of a figure obscured by a cloak by the legs as she throws a glance down the direction of a domineering Carnifex knight. "I require your service. I cannot carry this figure by myself, and I intend to sequester this corpse away to a location for the Overlords to stare at."

    Saidenn withdraws his paw slowly, his tail lifting and whipping, the bells an endless jingle upon his tail. "Whatever threads may have connected him to whoever else have been frayed." He murmurs finally. He watches you start to pull on the corpse, lifting himself in a single motion and his eyes narrowing, nodding toward you before he simply walks away, as if distracted.

    Empress Neoma Nehekhara, the Relentless says to you, "She said she gave her report to the commander and so i pushed a bit more and asked what made her think there was a connection and she said that the posters began appearing here at same time that the disappearance began about 4 weeks ago and so she felt it was not a coincidence."

    "Who are you calling bossy, you lout?" comes Elene's sharp reply as she hears a domineering Carnifex knight raise his voice up in complaint. "I may not be of the Shadow Keep any longer, but I am still an accredited Ser under the Commander. I will report you to her if you slack off even a single bit." And then she walks ahead of the guard, sweeping through the caverns.

    You say to Neoma, "Alright. I'll keep that in consideration, and inform them later then."

    "Oh just speaking to myself, couldn't be you, you're such a pleasure to work with," a domineering Carnifex knight says in step behind you, absolutely no sarcasm in his voice. Nope. None at all.

    [Walking past the East Gate of Bloodloch, where the Nazetu crier is headless on the ground.]

    At the small respite, a domineering Carnifex knight stares at the headless corpse of a stinking Nazetu crier, then to you, then to the headless corpse of a stinking Nazetu crier again. He seems wishful.

    Elene narrows her eye, staring at a domineering Carnifex knight as she sweeps through the cavern hallways. "I sense a conflict in your words. Best make sure you're not talking about me."

    After a pause, you say, "You lout."

    [Elene walks through the prison grounds.]

    "Ah yes, prisons, the perfect place for someone dead who cannot move or escape," a domineering Carnifex knight comments at your path.

    Thoughtfully, you say, "Bloodloch doesn't appear to be a safe option, in all honesty."

    [And then does Elene finally decide to walk up to the entrance of the Iron Redoubt. She can't enter, though.]

    Elene gestures to the chains that stretches upwards to the fortress, and then stares expectantly back at a domineering Carnifex knight. "Grant me access."

    A domineering Carnifex knight shakes his head at the request. "Above my paygrade to let a non-Carnifex in." That designation is stated very pointedly, with no small degree of smugness.

    Irritated, Elene clucks her tongue, staring at a domineering Carnifex knight as she folds her arms across her robed chest. "You scared of getting into trouble, Knight? Come to think of it, what is your name?"

    "My name is not relevant to the situation," a domineering Carnifex knight answers brightly. He shifts the corpse again. "I can deposit this inside. Alone."

    The woman swears beneath her breath, her singular eye flashing with undisguised disgruntlement. Regardless, it seems Elene is amenable with the suggestion. "Deposit it before Wraithlord Gruxmal, and tell him he needs to keep a watchful eye on the corpse, until any of the Carnifex Council awakens."

    In a test of strength, a domineering Carnifex knight scales an immense chain, climbing up the links towards the fortress carved into the volcano's upper walls.

    [After a short wait.]

    A domineering Carnifex knight carefully steps onto the ledge, having climbed down the immense charred iron chain.

    Elene responds with only a grunt. The woman raises a hand, and then gestures sharply.

    "Now I must return to my duty," a domineering Carnifex knight proclaims, hurrying off before you can ask for his name again.

    Brandishing his polearm menacingly, a domineering Carnifex knight strides out to the down.

    -- end --
  • Ahh, so that is what happened there. The ever-thickening plot!
  • Shortly after that post, more evolves:

    The tapestry depiction of @Iosyne seems to move.

    @Ayukazi turns her attention to the tapestry.

    Rhyot raises an eyebrow questioningly.

    Shadows bleed out from the depiction, oozing down the tapestry to settle at the bottom of the West
    Gate. The pool quickly rises, manifesting into the form of Iosyne.

    "Shadowlord" @Rhyot Vyktaire, Warlord of Chaos says, "Iosyne."

    Iosyne stares upwards at the subservient depiction of Herself. "Oh My," She comments, taking in the
    various scribbles gracing the tapestry.

    Elene dips her head, acknowledging Iosyne as her gaze trails from a massive
    tapestry accusing Bloodloch's ruling council of treason.

    "An intriguing, and quite defamatory tapestry I imagine, Malevolent," Elene
    answers, her voice a silken caress as it rises into audibility.

    Ayukazi nods.
    "Equally slanderous, though. Quite intriguing."

    Rhyot positions his glaive to rest against him, his claws tapping the pole of his chosen weapon as
    he narrows his eyes at the tapestry at hand.

    "Indeed. I am much taller than that," Iosyne agrees with Elene. A last look at the blasphemous work
    before She turns glowing eyes to Rhyot.
    "Somebody is not happy with you, Keeper," She states, giving
    voice to the very obvious fact.
    "Nor you, My General."

    "The problem of this tapestry lies within the city," Elene utters, watching the shifting movements
    of Rhyot as her gaze traces over the entire length of a massive tapestry accusing Bloodloch's ruling
    council of treason.
    "I do not think it has anything to do with Lord Damariel, simply that He is a
    Name, a tool to be used to incite."
    She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "There have been citizens
    disappearing throughout the city of late. The alley-dwellers, the city sweepers. There is movement,
    an undercurrent of malcontent."

    "Freedom from chains. A search for truth,"
    Elene points out, "His Tenets similarly choed by current
    actions of late."

    Rhyot continues to stare at the tapestry, tapping his glaive before responding to Iosyne. "It
    wouldn't be the first time someone isn't happy with me.... nor will this be the last time. Though
    considering the generous amount of slander and the content of which points to Damariel, inclines me
    to believe that his people are somewhat involved."
    He shrugs his shoulders before looking towards
    "It's easy for people to be malcontent when they are not used to having to be seen as equal to
    everyone else."
    He gazes back towards the tapestry, his claws continuously tapping upon his glaive.

    Ayukazi simply nods.
    "They are just words, and fallacies writhe in many of them. One cannot please
    everyone, nor is it our duty to please everyone. Our place as Overlords is to maintain, protect, and
    empower our city."
    A crimson glance acknowledges Elene. "Perhaps recent events have allowed the city
    as a whole to become a target."

    "Oh Keeper, are you falling for My Rules?"
    Iosyne teases, flashing a fang-filled smile. She abruptly
    stiffens, sniffing the air.

    "Shadowlord" Rhyot Vyktaire, Warlord of Chaos says,
    "Far from it."

    Ayukazi catches a sideways glance towards Rhyot. "And yet the city has a stance of equality for the
    citizens, and most decisions are made of a majority vote upon the Council..."

    "Yes, you cannot please everyone,"
    Elene speaks, lifting a hand before gesturing once. "But you can
    certainly take actions to alleviate it."
    Her ichored lips curve, bare feet ekeing out a trail across
    the cavern floor as she nears Iosyne. The woman appears unafraid of the half-woman, half-spider frame
    of the Immortal, but she does maintain a respectful distance from Her.
    "What is the identity of
    Bloodloch then, Keeper? You speak of equality, but it is clear Bloodloch has never been a city echoing
    She crooks her head to the side.

    Like a bloodhound, Iosyne is singleminded in following Her trail, eyes closed. Her search brings Her
    directly before an unfortunate victim. The Goddess' eyes gleam with malice as they open, tongue
    flickering across Her lips.
    "How did the caught party perish again, Elene?"

    Rhyot shakes his head, as he runs a clawed hand through his hair. "It's not about your Rules or
    Tenets. It's understanding where things are going. Years ago, a decision was made to embrace those
    of the living nature... something that was nigh unheard of until then. We were then told to cease
    and desist on blanket enemy statuses so that our enemies may walk the caverns. It was shortly after
    this, that the city stopped enemying those who were Yeleni or Idreth. After that, Abhorash stepped
    down as the utmost leader of the Dominion and also relinquished any control he had within the city."

    He looks at everyone around him before looking at the tapestry,
    "The city has been going the route
    of equality for far longer than I've been Keeper."

    "Shadowlord" Rhyot Vyktaire, Warlord of Chaos says to Elene, "I am unsure what our identity is beyond
    the City of Strength."

    "I wanted to torture the man here, tear out his intestines and take a mouthful each time he refused to
    Elene answers, her voice echoing loudlly in the cavern halls. She glances briefly at Jarrhn,
    "But after a mere backhand, the undead Human smiled and ceased to struggle, whispering his service for
    Bloodloch, before a stalagmite erupted from the ground, impaling him through the gut."

    Elene considers. Her withered tongue escapes from the confines of her mouth, wetting her
    ichored lips as she toys with her words, martialling them together for a proper evaluation. In the
    silence, the Azudim merely observes Iosyne, watching exactly how the Goddess' eyes gleam bright with
    malice after what would seem to be a search.

    Iosyne stands directly before a colossal Teradrim guard. The Malevolent seems to swell in size even
    as She remains motionless, monstrous arachnid form growing to dwarf even the colossal guard. With a
    terrible, otherworldly screech, the Goddess' jaws open, tongue lashing out to seize the guard,
    lifting him high into the air.

    Ayukazi takes note of Elene's movements, realizing that calculative mind as familiar.
    "The answer lies
    in both the underlying message and the cause of death,"
    she whispers, eyes flaring towards Iosyne's

    " @Jarrhn was right," Elene notes, one hand lowering to grasp her codex as she half-turns upon a bare heel,
    watching a colossal Teradrim guard as interest heightens.
    "So you're the traitor," she utters, her words
    coming across as a sibilant hiss.

    With alarming speed, the tongue retreats back behind Iosyne's waiting maw, the Teradrim disappearing
    into the suddenly gargantuan Goddess's mouth. As Her jaws clamp shut, She thrashes Her head wildly,
    tearing pieces of the guard apart. One such piece comes accompanied by a plain white letter.

    Ayukazi tilts her head curiously at Rhyot.

    "Shadowlord" Rhyot Vyktaire, Warlord of Chaos says,
    "The first shipment leaves late Khepary."

    Rhyot grips his glaive as he reads the letter, eyeing the position of the once standing Teradrim
    "Disappointing to see that our guards can be traitors. I have no idea.. That is all the
    letter says."

    "Shadowlord" Rhyot Vyktaire, Warlord of Chaos says, "Specifically: Be strong. Protect Bloodloch. The
    first shipment leaves late Khepary. Might not Light!"

    A soft trickle of laughter escapes from @Elene, the woman's gaze still remaining still upon Iosyne.
    She watches as the Goddess finishes Her meal with mild interest, her other hand coming together to
    wrap arms around an ancient tome of the Spheres.
    "Human trafficking."

    "Shadowlord" Rhyot Vyktaire, Warlord of Chaos says, "Or given the open nature of the gods... to

    Nicolas arrives from the east.

    Rhyot inclines his head politely to @Nicolas.

    @Tetchta ponders Iosyne's profile, deep in consideration.

    Nicolas stiffens in surprise as he catches sight of Iosyne, delivers a hasty bow, turns around, and
    doesn't-quite-run away.

    Nicolas leaves to the east.

    Horrible, crunching sounds arise from the noisy Goddess even as Iosyne shrinks, reverting to Her
    customary size. Finished with Her meal, Iosyne sucks noisily on Her teeth.
    "I imagine they will be
    forced aboveground soon. Vigilance, Keeper."
    Turning to address Ayukazi, the Malevolent speaks
    through the remnants of Her meal.
    "The guards may not be reliable. I will provide a contingent of
    Chiav to bolster your patrols."
    Finally, the tapestry draws an ired narrowing of the Goddess' eyes.
    "I am not A-Muse-d,"
    She declares at the scribbles profaning the Goddess before warping out of

    Ayukazi releases the shadows partially concealing her form, instead manifesting enormous wings upon
    her back.
    "A post to our city must be made, putting citizens on high alert for these specific
    actions. We can catch them in transit. There is enough of us."

    "I have warned the city already,"
    Tetchta speaks up, taking a drag from a lit slender white

    General Ayukazi Vyktaire, The First Nocturn says,
    "No, we have more information."

    "Shadowlord" Rhyot Vyktaire, Warlord of Chaos says to Tetchta,
    "New information has been gathered."

    Now does Elene's attention sudden swivel, the woman rounding upon a domineering Carnifex knight,
    specifically, the guard she remembers from earlier.
    "You," comes her voice in a sibilant hiss. "You
    carried the corpse of the man for me."

    "Shadowlord" Rhyot Vyktaire, Warlord of Chaos says, "I'll be making a post."

    Her eye narrowing, Elene says to a domineering Carnifex knight, "You're in league with your fellow
    security detail, aren't you?"

    Rhyot grips his glaive as he looks at Elene, "Facts, Archivist. Do not lose yourself in emotions. We
    do not dabble with speculations."

    "Have we met?"
    a domineering Carnifex knight inquires innocently at Elene.

    Ayukazi ponders, only given away by a twitch at the edges of her lips.
    "If they are crying out about
    Might not Light, then one must wonder if they are exporting all they see as weak out."

    "Confessors will sing their tunes soon enough,"
    Elene speaks, her pallid eye gleaming. "Nothing that
    can't be gleaned from a spot of... interrogation."

    Tetchta rubs a gloved thumb over her lip pensively, quietly absorbing the conversation around her.

    Smirking, Elene say to a domineering Carnifex knight,
    "You wouldn't remember me. Step wisely."

    Tetchta steps forward toward Elene, "The hell are you doing, talking to a Carnifex like that?"

    Ser Tetchta V. Mesis DXLVIII says to Elene, "You have a bloody death wish?"

    Straightening into rigid, militant attention, @Taj squares his shoulders and crisply salutes Ayukazi.

    Straightening into rigid, militant attention, Ayukazi squares her shoulders and crisply salutes her
    fellow soldiers.

    General Ayukazi Vyktaire, The First Nocturn says, "At ease, and alert."

    Relaxing and folding his arms behind his back, Squire Taj, Initiate of Slaughter says, "Understood."

    Elene glances over at @Tetchta, before summarily dismissing her altogether.

    Rhyot looks at a domineering Carnifex knight. "You might not know her, however you might know me.
    Did you find anything unforward or anything that seemed out of place during transport of the
    recently deceased man?"

    A domineering Carnifex knight smirks at Elene. "Indeed. Would be a whale of a time to try to remember
    The guard focuses his attention on Rhyot, formality entering stance and tone. "There were some
    Spireans poking about, but nothing otherwise, Keeper."

    One scarred hand rises to rake through her silvery tresses, but Elene does back down from a
    domineering Carnifex knight. To Rhyot, she speaks, "He offered information after his Teradrim
    compatriot about the possibility of his link to the missing citizenry. He mentioned he heard it off
    the grapevine from Lucisa, and then I pulled him for assistance to stow the corpse away."

    Ayukazi sets her blood double to stand in front of Tetchta. "The Malevolent just ate a traitorous
    Teradrim. If our observations are correct, there may be several in all of our ranks that are working
    together for this treason."

    Tetchta exhales a frustrated, angry breath, her bloodshot eyes wild, but she pulls back in a huff,
    visibly fuming, but contained.

    Precisely, Elene says, "I bade that he deposit the corpse into the barracks of the Iron Redoubt. If
    he's done it properly, where I told him to leave it at, then we can clear him of suspicion."

    Elene licks her lips.

    General Ayukazi Vyktaire, The First Nocturn says, "Perhaps we should check the corpse."

    Remaining motionless, Squire Taj, Initiate of Slaughter says to Ayukazi, "Would you like for me to

    Rhyot places his glaive into the ground as he watches the guard enter into a stance of formality. He
    continues on with his questioning of a domineering Carnifex knight. "Would you willing to empty your
    pockets of any items that you might have on your person so that we may determine your innocence?"

    General Ayukazi Vyktaire, The First Nocturn says to @Taj, "Yes, you can do that."

    Ser Tetchta V. Mesis DXLVIII says to Taj, "I'll go with you."

    Ayukazi nods her head at Tetchta.

    Slipping his hands into his pants pockets, Squire Taj, Initiate of Slaughter says, "Alright."

    Taj leaves to the east, followed by Tetchta.

    Squire Taj, Initiate of Slaughter yells, "Found it."

    Elene folds her arms across her clothed chest now, holding herself incredibly still as neutrality
    slithers away from her features, draining swiftly before being replaced by that of a cold,
    calculating demeanour. The woman's fingers flex slowly, purposefully, tapping a soft rhythm against
    the bicep of one arm as she awaits in silence. The woman notes Rijetta's entrance, before giving her
    a nod.

    General Ayukazi Vyktaire, The First Nocturn says, "They will be arriving with their analysis soon."

    Lieutenant @Rijetta Alhazrad, Vafot wo Feyja says, "Tapestry..."

    "We have examined the body," Tetchta says, nodding at Taj.

    Exhaling slowly, Squire Taj, Initiate of Slaughter says, "Well, it has a diploma, it is undead, and
    it has a nose broken about four times too many."

    Rijetta frowns as she gazes over the tapestry, single eye gleaming maliciously. She scans the
    accusations quietly, eye flicking back and forth across the tapestry, then shakes her head. "They
    almost had me, until they blasphemed against Iosyne."

    Ser Tetchta V. Mesis DXLVIII says, "They were definitely a proper citizen, and looked to be having a
    rough time of it."

    Ser Tetchta V. Mesis DXLVIII says, "I think our poster problem is defintely related to the

    Elene licks her lips.

    Rhyot keeps his eyes on a domineering Carnifex knight, waiting to see their compliance in such a
    simple request.

    In utilitarian fullplate armour as he is, a domineering Carnifex knight has no pockets.

    General Ayukazi Vyktaire, The First Nocturn says, "Those were the same findings of Elene. Was there
    anything that was askew in the surroundings?"

    Ser Tetchta V. Mesis DXLVIII says, "The person hanging the posters was barely alive as it was."

    Tetchta shakes her head at Ayukazi.

    Squire Taj, Initiate of Slaughter says, "Besides all the posters laying over the body? Not really."

    Squire Taj, Initiate of Slaughter says, "But, the body was not in the barracks."

    Tetchta shrugs helplessly.

    Jarrhn looks about himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

    Ser Tetchta V. Mesis DXLVIII says, "It was in the Redoubt, close enough."

    Rijetta boggles.

    Squire Taj, Initiate of Slaughter says, "It was in the Hall."

    Lieutenant Rijetta Alhazrad, Vafot wo Feyja asks, "The Redoubt?"

    Ser Tetchta V. Mesis DXLVIII says, "Carnifex aren't the brightest."

    Ser Tetchta V. Mesis DXLVIII says to Rijetta, "Aye, our guard placed him there upon request."

    Princess @Ishmar Nehekhara says, "Greetings."

    Elene asks, "The Hall before the Wraithlord?"

    Ser Tetchta V. Mesis DXLVIII says to Rijetta, "If you wanna see for yourself, go look. Still there.
    Gonna mold soon."

    Tetchta nods her head at Elene.

    Taj nods his head at Elene.

    @Noctis inclines his head politely to Ishmar.

    Elene thinks for a moment before nodding slowly.

    Ishmar gives Elene a peck on the cheek.

    A frown wrinkles Tetchta's brow as she articulates a "Hrm...."

    Comprehension flashes across Tetchta's face.

    Tetchta thumps herself on the forehead and exclaims, "Duh!"

    Tetchta leaves to the east.

    Princess Ishmar Nehekhara says, "What's going on?"

    Noctis points accusingly at a massive tapestry accusing Bloodloch's ruling council of treason.

    Ayukazi inclines at the rest of the gathering. "The Malevolent has placed Her Chiav about, as we
    could and likely do have further traitors among us."

    Raising a hand, Elene sweeps fingers across her cheek where Ishmar has leaned over to press lips

    Ishmar raises an eyebrow questioningly.

    Rhyot nods his head at a domineering Carnifex knight. "At ease, Ser." He turns his attention to a
    colossal Teradrim guard. "What of you, Teradrim? Your associate had material on them traitorous to
    Bloodloch, shall we assume you have the same?"

    Rijetta reaches up to pinch the bridge of her nose. "The treason goes deeper than I suspected."

    A domineering Carnifex knight's attention drifts, returning to their usual tasks.

    A colossal Teradrim guard suddenly looks sharper and more alert.

    A colossal Teradrim guard salutes the Keeper, standing still as he welcomes inspection. Massive as
    he is, close inspection would likely take a while. "I am loyal to Bloodloch and the Overlords," he

    A colossal Teradrim guard's attention drifts, returning to their usual tasks.

    Rhyot runs a hand through his hair, "To think even some of our guards are involved with such
    traitorous acts. Very concerning."
    He taps his leg as he looks at the crowd gathered, "We have much
    of our caverns to sift through if the information gained from a traitorous teradrim is truthful."

    Lieutenant Rijetta Alhazrad, Vafot wo Feyja says, "You know, the coup would get more traction if it
    didn't blaspheme Iosyne."

    @Jarrhn Lunare says, "Careful when they say that they're in service of Bloodloch."

    Lieutenant Rijetta Alhazrad, Vafot wo Feyja says, "I might even agree with them. A nice, fresh new
    Overlord council would be delightful."

    Jarrhn Lunare says, "The cloaked figure said the same."

    Rhyot eyes Rijetta, giving her the once over.

    Rijetta stares implacably at Rhyot.

    Rhyot waves his hand dismissively at the world, clearly demonstrating his boredom.

    Her voice ringing clear, Elene says, "I volunteer the Lieutenant to serve as a new Overlord."

    Rijetta cringes pathetically.

    Rhyot massages his temple, closing his eyes with a sigh.

    Lieutenant Rijetta Alhazrad, Vafot wo Feyja says, "I suppose that is the curse when you consider a
    coup, isn't it. That'd be horrid."

    Lieutenant Rijetta Alhazrad, Vafot wo Feyja says, "Hum. I think I'd like to see this body."

    Lieutenant Rijetta Alhazrad, Vafot wo Feyja says, "I'll be back."

    Jarrhn Lunare says, "Are we sure this group doesn't already have their own Overlords in mind when
    they claim to serve them?"

    Rijetta leaves to the east, riding a ferocious icewyrm.
    She is followed by an inky shadeling.
    Twisting inward with a sibilant whisper, a singularity seems to consume itself entirely out of
    being, disappearing.

    "Shadowlord" Rhyot Vyktaire, Warlord of Chaos says, "They likely do."
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    I'm glad we found the moment with Iosyne. I really liked her pun :D

    That said, all of this is very interesting to go back and read through to get new thought processes. :) Thank you.

  • I don't mean to interrupt the flow of sweet RP logs, but.. those conspiracy accusations are hilarious. A+.
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    Tetchta and Callidora are madly in love that's not even a conspiracy theory. We got clocked big time.

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